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Sat, Jan. 22

Community View | Arizona Gov. Dou Ducey should reopen the gyms

If Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey is truly concerned about our health, he should encourage fitness, not deny it. People don’t go to the gyms to socialize. They are there because they are trying to maintain or improve their health.

I am a senior citizen who was diagnosed last year with COPD. My pulmonologist prescribed as part of my treatment a 12-week physical therapy regimen at the gym. My respiratory therapist helped me increase my core strength. I also found that after the 12 weeks that many of the aches and pains I had attributed to getting older had started to disappear. After the prescribed 12 weeks, I joined the gym and continued at three times a week. My health improved greatly. My vitals are much better than before I started.

Then March came along and I was no longer able to go the gym because it was closed. The others who needed therapy – whether for respiratory, heart on any other ailment – were just out of luck. After two months, my little aches and pains were beginning to return. I was just starting to get back into the swing of things and the gym when Ducey, in his superior wisdom, said if I went to the gym, I was endangering myself and the public. I call foul!

I do try to avoid places and situations that I feel are unnecessary and could endanger my health. I do not go to “big box stores.” The gym is the cleanest place in town. It is constantly being cleaned. There are disinfecting wipes for patrons to use everywhere in the building. The machines are, at a minimum, 6 feet apart.

If I am unable to go somewhere that will help my health and immune system, why can I go shopping? It makes no sense to me. It feels like seniors and others who need this activity to remain healthy are being told we are “disposable citizens.” I implore the governor to reconsider this unnecessary action.

(Diana Brown is a resident of Kingman.)

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