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Rants and Raves | July 26, 2020

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Why is there no COVID-19 surge testing in Kingman. We are supposedly part of the state of Arizona, yet there has been no interest in testing for Kingman.

Republican picnic – The picnic was a great success! The people got to know the candidates for the most important election in history! The candidates wore masks except while speaking on stage. It was fun. People at risk of COVID-19 wore masks.

Closed schools – Where are our school taxes going when the schools are closed? I am SURE property taxes will be going UP instead of down soon.

Student organizes protest to open schools – This isn’t a rant or a rave. It’s simply noting that the reason a 17-year-old sees no reason to not open schools and doesn’t believe this has ever happened is because he is 17! It’s a pandemic; he’s 17.

Masks – I can’t believe how ignorant people can be. I don’t know if they know or not but there is a deadly virus about killing thousands of people. I wear a mask. It’s not that hard, people.

Board of Supervisors throws unmasked person out of board meeting – I get that the board of supervisors can have someone thrown out for not wearing a mask, and they should. However, people once inside Wal-mart, Smith’s, Goodwill or Carl’s Jr. walk around unconfronted. How do we fix this?

Student organizes protest to open schools - Your research shows 1 in 5,000 students will die from COVID-19. What if the one is you? What if you take it home to your parents or grandparents and they become statistics?

Democrats, their media allies and liberals in general have still not gotten over the 2016 election, yet they have the nerve to say Trump won’t accept election results if he loses. It’s laughable and pathetic

Community View: Conservative Republican Club of Kingman – I understand now. The Conservative Republican Club of Kingman appears to not be an INCLUSIVE organization. I will take my politics elsewhere.

My three family members wore masks and washed hands and they still got coronavirus. It’s no joke! You can’t be by their side, talk or see them. If you have any consideration and respect, show it. Wear a mask.

Lockdown due to COVID-19 – If masks work, why social distancing? If social distancing works, why wear masks? If both work, why the lockdown? We need to stop this insanity! The livelihoods of our local restaurants and shops are in jeopardy of financial ruin.

No more masks or shutdowns. Open Arizona!

Why does our country have an almost $2 billion contract with Pfizer for a vaccine that hasn’t been through stage three trials yet? We will be forced to take a vaccine that is unproven for people over age 55.

Community View: GOP picnic wasn’t worth it – A writer here says we have to take down the Democrat/Marxist/terrorist/socialist/America haters. How can we do that when we can’t tell one American from another? Give us a hint on how to recognize “them.”

I hope the moron who left his dog in the car pays a hefty fine. What is wrong with people?

Kingman mask protests – Don’t recognize anyone’s name or picture from the protests = go back to where you came from and protest there.

Why can’t we just go back to normal, open everything up and stop ALL precautions. We need fewer people on this planet!

Mail delays likely as postal boss pushes cost-cutting – “Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, a major donor to President Donald Trump.” That statement tells me why the Postal Service is in trouble.

Sheriff candidates Schuster and Gannuscio – Citizens have to follow every law or we are fined and penalized. Why does the sheriff get to make up his own rules? If the sheriff was supposed to be a constitutional lawyer it would be in the job description.

Recreational marijuana initiative – Referring to marijuana as a “drug” is laughable. Arizona will be the last state to see the light. Are we afraid we won’t be able to use “I SMELL MARIJUANA” as a reason to keep the Department of Public Safety busy?

Sheriff candidates Schuster and Gannuscio – Why is it both candidates think they are qualified to interpret the Constitution to suit themselves. I don’t think either of these people are qualified to interpret the Constitution correctly. Follow executive orders for health and safety.

Schuster and Gannuscio square off in sheriff’s race – Neither man is willing to swear to uphold executive orders regarding Centers for Disease Control and Health Department recommended practices for slowing the spread of COVID-19. Sad they don’t care about those of us most vulnerable to death from the virus.

Dr. Laurence Schiff Community View: Conservative Republican Club of Kingman – I beg to differ, Dr. Schiff. The aim of the left is to solve the serious issues that Republicans will not address. The failure of your party to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic is a good example.

Trump calls off Florida segment of GOP National Convention – “The list of donors to the now canceled event reads like a who’s who of industry titans, power brokers and wealthy Republicans.” Why don’t you put all that money you’ll save into doing something positive for our country?

Protesters against wearing masks in Kingman – Wearing a mask is not a big deal. Being part of the solution is too easy not to do. Just wear it. I hated it in the beginning and resisted but truly it’s not a big deal. Just wear it.

Kingman anti-mask protests – Anti-maskers, go back to where you came from and leave our community alone. We have old folks that are native to our town dying from this.

Getting COVID-19 tests might get easier in Mohave County – Might get easier? That’s the same pap we’ve been swallowing from day one! Cases are rising and deaths rise with them! When will Mohave County leadership get their act together and treat this as a serious Public Health threat?

Kanye West might be a better choice for president than what we are asked to pick from. Why do you have to be considered mentally ill because you want to divorce a Kardashian?

U.S. incurs biggest monthly deficit on record – Speaking of debt, Sheila Jackson Lee brought up reparations for blacks – total estimate, $51 trillion. Beyond ridiculous (and we paid with 400,000 lives of all colors).

EVERYONE should see that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure! If you won’t wear a mask, stay away from those of us who will!

As a conservative I am ashamed to see Republicans senators supporting misinformation and lies from Donald Trump. We deserve the truth from Washington. My remedy is to vote for Democrats from now on.

Ducey extends closures of bars, gyms, water parks – This had to happen. And part of the blame goes to those unwilling to do anything to help slow the community spread of this killer disease! If everyone would have pulled together, we would have flattened the curve by now.

Face shields approved as an alternative to face masks in county buildings – Once again, Supervisor [Hildy] Angius is a no vote on doing anything positive for her constituents. District 2 being the hardest hit with infection rates is of no consequence. Her hard-line ideology seems dated and out of touch with reality.

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