Miner Editorial | You’ve got to be cool

You’ve got to be cool. Relax. And for goodness sake, stop buying up all the toilet paper.

This coronavirus is a serious thing, folks, and there’s absolutely, positively no need to panic.

It looks a little bleak. Schools are closed. The markets seem sick. Businesses are changing the way they do business – gloved employees, limits on purchases, special hours for older citizens at the grocery stores.

The number of COVID-19 cases is swelling nationwide, and in Arizona. Here in Mohave County, as of this writing, we are still officially free of the virus, although the head of the county health department said it is “probably” already in our community.

When a positive test is confirmed, life will change again. The emergency order by Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey will kick in, and all bars, gyms and movie theaters will close. Restaurants will be limited to take-out and delivery only.

In New York, Illinois, California and Connecticut those with non-essential jobs are being told to stay home, and venture outside only for exercise and necessary errands. It may well happen here.

We’ll have to suck it up and hunker down. Wash our hands again and again. Avoid large gatherings.

This is kind of tough for Americans, who typically respond to adversity by doubling down, charging up that hill, or rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty.

It’s against our nature to do nothing, but that may be what we have to do for this to pass.

For now, you’re free to move about the place. But do so intelligently, with respect and consideration for your fellow citizens. Remember that your actions could affect the health of others. They say older folks are the most vulnerable, and the virus is easily spread.

Wash your hands with soap and water. Don’t touch your face. Stay home if you are sick. Cover you cough or sneeze with a tissue, throw it away, and wash your hands again.

And keep your distance – 6 feet or more – from your fellow man. No hugging, no shaking hands, no contact at all.

Also, stay informed, and seek out accurate sources of information, like the ones listed below. Don’t spread rumors, and don’t buy into them. Trust the leaders you elected, and follow their recommendations.

For local updates, follow kdminer.com. All of our news related to the virus is free on the website.

Let’s also keep in mind what comes out the other side. If we want to have a local business community when this is over, we have to support the local business community now.

While there are plans being formulated to help businesses large and small, the best boost that local small businesses could get would be the continued support of their customers in these trying times.

For accurate, up-to-date information about the coronavirus, visit the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website at CDC.gov, the Arizona Department of Health Services website at AZDHS.gov, or the Mohave County Department of Public Health website at https://bit.ly/2x95T8a.

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