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Wed, Aug. 10

Community View | Think of someone other than yourself

This Community View is in response to Michael Pacer’s pep talk about fighting the coronavirus. I read it twice and nowhere in his “Land of the Free” speech did he mention how to fight the virus. It is simple: Wear a mask and keep your distance. Most businesses could open up again if we all practiced these two steps.

Some stores in Bullhead City are requiring masks or you do not get in. What is wrong with that? Those stores are protecting their employees as well as their customers. If every store that is allowed to open would follow those rules, Kingman’s infection and death rate would start to go down instead of continuing to go up.

I’m thinking a lot of people in Kingman consider this virus to be just another flu. The death rate kills that idea, and the fact that there is no antidote or vaccine. Our bodies do not have the immunity to fight this virus off. That’s the big difference between the flu and the coronavirus.

Right now, it’s really hitting the older folks, like my wife and I, harder. I guess that doesn’t mean much to Mr. Pacer. Now is the time to be smart. Acting like you are unafraid is just plain stupid.

Mr. Pacer suggests that if we get the virus and die ”such is life.” Well, I am not crazy about throwing caution to the wind since I’m in the over 65 danger zone. Coughing and choking to death is not an easy way to lose one’s life.

Kingman, we need to get a handle on this deadly situation and start wearing a mask everywhere in public and keep our social distancing. Think of your grandmother or grandfather, or your elderly aunt and uncle, or anyone you know that is over 65. Is it worth risking their lives because you think it’s overkill or not necessary to wear a mask? Really? Be kind today and every day. Think of someone other than yourself.

Thomas Allen


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