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Rants and Raves | May 15, 2020

Elon Musk, CEO of car manufacturer Tesla, is defying local stay-at-home orders and reopening his factory in California. (Photo by Maurizio Pesce, cc-by-sa-2.0,

Elon Musk, CEO of car manufacturer Tesla, is defying local stay-at-home orders and reopening his factory in California. (Photo by Maurizio Pesce, cc-by-sa-2.0,

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Community View: Executive orders are unconstitutional – Thanks, Mr. Heck. Personally, I would take liberty over life any day.

Kingman Police Department involved in shooting Sunday, May 10 – Sheriff, hasn’t anyone ever told you it is dangerous to leave your keys in the car?

Former Secretary of the Interior Babbit op-ed – Yes, quick, before we recognize the end of the drought by recording the wettest year in decades, pass special interest legislation that allows more money to flow overseas in order to pay for agricultural products grown on foreign soil. Well explained.

Mother’s Day I saw full parking lots in all the churches, restaurants, shopping and a quick mart where traffic was busy with zero masks, distancing, as if the virus never happened. I urge seniors and at-risk people to use extreme caution.

Wearing your underwear over your head don’t count, Kingman. Many will die with the uneducated folks that run our town.

With Arizona wide open has anyone thought about the thousands of locked-up California and Nevada escapees flooding the river and Havasu. Great for business but the virus spread starts all over again. I guess 80,000 dead is the cost of doing business?

What is a mask for? – Wearing a mask does not protect the wearer from the virus. It protects others from contracting it from the wearer. Don’t be selfish. Protect others and wear a mask when in public. The virus is spreading in Kingman.

Mohave County health department: Two who refused to isolate had virus – People who refuse to isolate when they know they are infected are recklessly endangering the entire populace in the area. This is not about freedom; it’s about ignorance and a total lack of conscience.

Don Heck Community View: Executive orders are unconstitutional – No, Don, you don’t have to do anything. I will follow recommendations while the cases and death toll mounts to protect myself and others. You can do anything you want, but when you and yours get it, it’s on you.

Don Heck Community View: Executive orders are unconstitutional – Hooray, Don! Somebody has finally told the truth about stay-at-home orders and the government businesses. Wake up, people. Businesses should open. Don’t patronize them if you don’t want. Remember these tyrant wannabes come election time.

Virus cases in Kingman will run into the thousands if we don’t get a real mayor and a real police force. This is no game, folks. I know, i work with the government. Buy a mask and lock yourself at home.

Senate votes to adjourn for the rest of the year – Senate to adjourn for the rest of the year? Are you kidding? We pay them. They need to at least be acting like they’re valuable, and why the rest of the year and not a month or so? It makes no sense.

What is wrong with Kingmanites? Coronavirus cases increase daily, yet I’ve been out to stores and hardly anyone wears masks. What is wrong with the people in this town? They need to stop listening to Trump.

I think people are missing the main point about masks. The masks aren’t so much about prevention of catching it. They are a courtesy to others so you don’t pass it on in case you are asymptomatic.

Stop criticizing Sheriff Doug Schuster and read the Bill of Rights. Latest report says locked-in people are getting the virus more than anyone else because no immunity is produced.

Mohave County’s positive coronavirus cases continue to increase daily yet all the supervisors want to open up businesses. Time to get new supervisors.

The cat problem in Kingman is terrible. They destroy property. Something needs to be done. Not everyone is a cat lover. Trapping them doesn’t work. Get rid of one and two come back. Stop feeding them now, people.

Sheriff Doug Schuster on Fox News – Our sheriff has made a name for himself, following in the footsteps of “Sheriff Joe” and others who thumb their noses at the rule of law. But, it will get him votes. It’s not surprising, just disappointing.

Thank you to all the front-line medical and hospital workers. You guys are the true warriors during this national crisis.

Why are all of the mask wearers worried about those who don’t? Because you can be a carrier without any symptoms. If you sneeze or cough in a store you contaminate products within 6-18 feet of you. We then bring that product into our homes. Don’t be selfish.

With the coronavirus keeping everyone homebound I along with my neighbors have been spring cleaning. The city could bring dumpsters to the neighborhoods so we could dump the stuff that is too big for our garbage cans.

Sheriff Schuster talks virus enforcement on Fox News – Sheriff Schuster’s job is not to write or to change laws to his personal liking or political preferences. His job, paid for with our tax dollars, is to enforce the rules our governor put in place or step down.

Sheriff Schuster talks virus enforcement on Fox News – The sheriff speaks from both sides of his mouth. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

Fake News. There have been zero deaths in Mohave County due to coronavirus. All the victims who died had different life-threatening ailments. Those are the real reasons they died. Shame on the news media for not doing real research anymore.

Elon Musk is threatening to move Tesla headquarters out of California to Nevada or Texas. Kingman would be a great place for Tesla. Is our Mayor and City Council going to approach Tesla and make the case for placing their headquarters in Kingman?

The Mohave County Supervisors are the swamp. We need fresh ideas and willingness to represent the whole county, not just a few wealthy ranchers, businessmen and mine lobbyists. Don’t spend our taxes without representation. Don’t give our power to the elite.

Thanks to people making lunches for children of Kingman. I think the organization is Wing and A Prayer. Thanks to everyone involved including the people who donated food. It’s good to see how beautiful people can be.

Michael Pacer’s opinion column – Pacer, you are terribly wrong. You said “the truth is that we will all have to face the coronavirus individually and beat it or die.” No, we don’t. We can stay home and be safe until a proven vaccine is developed.

Culver’s coming to Kingman – Another chain restaurant coming to Kingman with lousy, pre-fabbed food siphoning money out of Mohave County. Oh, joy. Have some imagination and good taste, and support local, small, individual and family owned restaurants, where the money stays here.

Sadly with the president and even the local sheriff promoting return to business as if there is no COVID-19, it’s no wonder Kingman is back to business as usual with no masks, distancing, nothing. Let’s hope we don’t become a New York.

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