Rants and Raves | Nov. 4, 2020

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Andy Worth letter: Return to the Dark Ages – Thank you, Andy Worth, for speaking the truth and trying to get folks to wake up! It is so sad that we will have to suffer and lose lives because of politics, misinformation and mean-spiritedness!

Rick Greene column: Parties need to take the peaceful transition pledge – Interesting article by Rick Greene. Too bad the Dems don’t practice what they preach. When you look up “hypocrisy,” you see the DNC logo. They have tried to screw Trump at every turn. Beware, payback is a bear.

Ovens go cold at Great American Pizza over mask dispute with county – Great American Pizza is not an essential business and life will go on without them. Guess you will just have to get your food somewhere else.

Ovens go cold at Great American Pizza over mask dispute with county – Rarely are issues resolved by pointing fingers. As the best pizza in the area, please continue to resolve this immediately.

Ovens go cold at Great American Pizza over mask dispute with county – We should all report every time we see someone driving with no seatbelt. Flood the police lines with complaints every time someone does not signal a turn. I see kids bouncing around unbuckled all the time. Tattletale.

To all the Great American Pizza ranters and ravers – If you want zero public health standards, please move to a country where people die from preventable disease every day. This is America! There was no reason, other than politics, that this restaurant stood against public safety measures! Good riddance!

VFW donation – Way to go, VFW. Donating $4,000 to the cancer center is awesome.

COVID-19 – The mask ranters need to look at facts and get a grip. Mohave County has over 200,000 people but just 4,264 cases of the virus and 220 deaths. Stop listening to the scare networks.

Trump stumps for votes in Mohave County – Another example of our irresponsible president - hosting a superspreader event. Las Vegas wouldn’t allow it so he brought it to our county, and obviously didn’t enforce masks or social distancing. Shameful!

Went to turn in our ballots at early-voting site. Man sneaked out from behind dumpster and tried to photograph my license plate. Why? Voter intimidation! This has got to stop.

Lifting mask requirements – Lifting the mask requirement, even though it was never enforced, right when the virus is on the rise again, is just plain ignorant and without regard to everyone’s health. This country will never get this under control unless everyone unites.

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