Rants and Raves | Nov. 6, 2020

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I never thought I would be so glad to see a fast food commercial. Election ads are over. I feel gratitude.

Democrats losing path to Senate control – Not only did the multi-millions turning out for Trump not repudiate him, the left lost in every way. Trump took Florida and Texas (with a little Hispanic help the left was sure wouldn’t vote for Trump). Trump will win, too.

Trump-Pence win Mohave County with ease – I guess the majority of voters in Mohave County support racism, dishonesty, cheating and sexism.

Bishop wins race for Mohave County Supervisor District 4 – That’s too bad. I was hoping she’d lose. She needs replaced as well as Gould and Angius. I’ve lived in District 4 for 22 years and never had a supervisor knock on my door. Big salary; no work to earn it!

Mohave County Supervisors rescind public health emergency – So Bishop makes a motion that she doesn’t agree with, which no one understands the impact of, but everyone votes for it. Is this a comedy act?

Mohave County Supervisors rescind public health emergency – Crazy when COVID is at its highest. Has the board gone crazy?

Mohave County Supervisors rescind public health emergency – Jean Bishop, you caved! You and each Mohave County Supervisor are too weak to safely and effectively represent us. A 70% rise in COVID cases in this county and you vote to rescind the emergency? Callous!

Mohave County Supervisors lift face mask requirement for county-owned buildings – Are you crazy? People all over the world are wearing masks as I will also! What you can’t see can harm you! This is a virus that people can die from.

Anyone else see the fallacy in Wednesday’s Miner? Supervisors rescind public health emergency article shares space next to COVID chart showing that county cases have tripled in the month. Some real sharpies leading us here in Mohave County!

COVID-19 and voting sites – I went to vote in Golden Valley Nov. 3. Poll workers and voters not wearing mask or cleaning poll booths. What happened to cleaning procedures for a safe voting area?

How can we be this far into the pandemic and still no N-95 masks for public use? Ventilators were produced in record time but not N-95 masks, which offer excellent protection for wearers and kept function economically.

National leaders incapable of uniting us – Swamp’s deeper than we thought. But Trump’s four-year accomplishments are miraculous anyway. Many former Democrats are now Republicans, especially Blacks and Hispanics. The liberal, college-educated, Constitution-hating libs and AOC-types are our problem.

Trump-Pence win Mohave County with ease - What I'd like to say would never get published, so I`ll just say how horrible, and keep it at that.

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