Rants and Raves | Nov. 11, 2020

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Biden ahead, Trump attacks process – In one state, 450,000 ballots had only place to vote for Biden, not Trump. All the different frauds in all the different states are stunning. Trump will win and probably Biden, Obama, even Hillary, will go to jail. All involved.

Election called for Biden, Trump says not so fast – Election officials around the country did a wonderful job, but President Trump will not accept the loss with the decorum and decency every president before him displayed. His lack of respect for democracy is shameless. Poor loser; poor leader!

Message to Trump: You’re fired.

You’re doing a very good job. I live in Washington but I read your weather reports all the time. I’m hoping to move down there in three months.

Peace of mind – Neighbors and community, I’d like to share with you one of the best decisions I’ve made! It lessened tension and conflict; relieved depression and anxiety. It brought my frustration levels down and freed up a lot of time. I deactivated Facebook.

Presidency hinges on battleground states – Election workers in Pennsylvania are wearing Biden/Harris masks (totally not allowed) as they ferret out damaged or incomplete ballots. What’s to keep them from correcting the ballots and sending them on if they’re Biden votes? Absolutely nothing! Is this America?

Even though Trump and GOP tried to suppress voters with post office dismantling, eliminating ballot boxes in large rural counties and frivolous lawsuits, democracy prevailed. Thank you, God.

COVID-19 vaccine 90% effective – What an amazing job President Trump has done pushing through getting a vaccine. His extraordinary accomplishments are nothing short of amazing. Something has to be said for workaholics. Thank you, President Trump.

Trump faces hard road - Trump was hundreds of thousands ahead; suddenly they stop counting, Trump’s lead totally disappears and Biden is hundreds of thousands ahead? C’mon, man. Total corruption with the left-wing-owned voting machines.

Mohave County Supervisors rescind public health emergency – This is an insane, irresponsible and fiscally reckless decision. They don’t even understand the consequences of their actions yet they charge full steam ahead.

I’m feeling ripped off. The price of diesel fuel in Kingman is $2.35 and just over the hill in Golden Valley I saw it for $1.99 yesterday and in Bullhead City it was $1.75. What gives that fuel is so expensive in Kingman?

Hospital official: Limit Thanksgiving crowd to curb COVID – Last line in the article: “The vast majority of people survive.” The death rate is down because the treatments have improved. People get sick. Stop forcing mandates and vaccines on the healthy. Focus on the treatments.

Voting by Electoral College is outdated. We should be voting by popular vote.

With this election, I hope this country realizes we shouldn’t be monitoring other countries’ elections when we can’t get our act together. There is no excuse for the delay in receiving the results in a timely matter.

COVID – Now that COVID has been depoliticized by Trump losing can we get some real safety measures in line in Mohave County? Angius’ solutions are deadly as the toll of daily of cases and deaths rises.

Newspapers across the country explode with Biden presidential win headlines on the front page. Leave it to the Miner to downplay the defeat of Nazism.

Biden wins Arizona, AP explains call – Fox News’ Arnon Mishkin (big Hillary friend) called Arizona way too early. Consequently, people are leaving Fox News in droves. Fox mistakenly thinks they are the U. S. government.

New cases of the coronavirus continue to swell in Mohave County – One-thousand deaths a day nationwide for days and growing, yet our far-right county/city officials roll back all mask mandates while radicals petition for a Mayor Miles recall? She’s the only sane one! Stop drinking the Kool–Aid, people.

Mohave County Supervisors rescind public health emergency – The county stops its tyrannical edict just in time for the general election. There was nothing else about COVID-19 that had changed.

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