Rants and Raves | Nov. 13, 2020

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Mohave County reduces fines for businesses that don’t comply with COVID-19 safety measures – The mouse that roared. The “me” generation strikes again. Never mind that almost 250,000 people have died.

Mohave County Supervisors rescind public health emergency – Apparently Mohave County Supervisors will no longer be holding weekly meetings with Mohave County Department of Public Health regarding COVID-19. Guess Trump was right when he said the virus would magically disappear. Unfortunately, so has responsible leadership. Abracadabra!

Narcotics team arrests 5, seizes 10 pounds of meth – A job well done. Keep up the good work. Rid Kingman and the surrounding areas of these worthless drug dealers.

Narcotics team arrests 5, seizes 10 pounds of meth – Thank you for getting that crap and those (people) off the street!

GOP backs Trump as he fights election results, transition – GOP backs Trump but God backs him, also. Biden, who hasn’t even officially been declared POTUS yet is making plans with world leaders and wants in on White House meetings, etc. This is ridiculous and dangerous with Biden’s reckless record.

GOP backs Trump as he fights election results, transition – We have 75 million people that are very happy and 71 million not so much. For those who are not so happy, get a grip. Suck it up. The presidential election is over. Sound familiar?

GOP backs Trump as he fights election results, transition – “I will not declare victory until the election is independently certified.” Remember those Joe Biden words in debate? Hey man, it’s not certified but you’re pretending you’re already POTUS, and that is dangerous. Trump is legal POTUS until Jan. 20.

GOP backs Trump as he fights election results, transition – Since when does an old grown man let alone the president have to be coddled so his ego isn’t damaged. GOP leaders are intimidated by a ruthless bully and whiner.

Senator-elect Mark Kelly names team, sets up in temporary DC office – But Arizona hasn’t finished counting and President Trump is closing the gap. Mr. Kelly is pulling a Biden here, isn’t he? How embarrassed is Biden going to be when he actually loses. He’ll blame someone else. The fraud is stunning.

To the local socialists – Kingman is a conservative city and has been for a long time. If a conservative culture is offensive to you, move to California, or go back to California. Stop trying to force your socialist/liberal nonsense on the rest of us.

Dear Mr. Trump. As a Republican you did well in the election and even proved the mainstream media wrong with 71 million votes, but it’s a fact you lost and it’s time for you to humble yourself and concede.

Pfizer says COVID-19 vaccine is looking 90% effective – Trump’s trying to take credit for Pfizer coming up with vaccine. Pfizer CEO stated they’re not part of Operation Warp Speed, and have never received U.S. federal monies.

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