Rants and Raves | Nov. 15, 2020

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Mohave County suffers 56 new COVID-19 cases, 1 death – Anyone paying attention to the rise in COVID cases? Hospitalizations and deaths? City and county restrictions lifted. Weekly update reports at county board meetings by MCDPH relegated to the back burner. The indifference of city and county leadership is stunning.

Public Servant: Mohave County Supervisor Gary Watson is stepping aside after 12 years on the job – Sorry to see Supervisor Gary Watson retire. He has been a steady, fair and balanced voice of reason, choosing community first by outweighing a couple of the more fanatical elements on the board. Happy trails Mr. Watson. Thank you.

Local schools remain fully open, but officials bracing for surge in virus cases – Thank you so much for in-person learning at school. COVID flu should not stifle learning. Stay home if you are sick. Colds and flu and COVID make you miserable but should not incapacitate schools, businesses or the economy.

Local schools remain fully open, but officials bracing for surge in virus cases – Insisting on keeping the schools “fully open” will spread the virus. One hopes if things become worse, common sense and decency will guide the way.

Christine Flowers column: U.S. must stand up for religious freedom – Ms. Flowers is right. We should stand up for religious freedom. Christians have never experienced true religious persecution in this country; it’s an unfounded claim. They have, however, persecuted non-Christians. We must uphold the separation of church and state.

States ramp up for biggest vaccination program in U.S. history – With a vaccine ready to be approved and dispersed, we see the light at the end of the tunnel. But the vaccine will not be readily available during this surge. Do your part by wearing masks and practicing social distancing!

States cite smooth elections despite Trump’s claims – We should applaud the efforts of every election worker and volunteer for doing an excellent job during a dangerous pandemic. Let’s all accept the results and move forward, united as one nation, to fight this resurgence of COVID-19.

Another 74 Mohave County residents infected with COVID – Does the Miner realize it had nine articles about COVID in the paper today? Ten, if you count Dear Abby. Surely, Kingman has other news.

To the small-minded “Kingmanites” who incorrectly assume all Democrats come from California. I strongly recommend driving outside city limits. It’s a big, diverse country where an American citizen can live anywhere they so choose.

Kingman Police Department responds to collision involving school bus – 78-year-old failed to stop. How irresponsible can an old man be? I’m a senior myself, and I understand a 78-year-old man has no business endangering others by driving. There are several options available. Throw the book at him.

Another 74 Mohave County residents infected with COVID –Cases are on the rise, and this County has it’s head stuck in the sand, waiting for a county health crisis, rather than being proactive to save lives. This is a reckless failure of County and City leadership.

Arizona officials seek dismissal of Trump suit – This should NOT be dismissed. What are they afraid of if nothing is wrong. The coast to coast fraud is so rampant, it stuns you; especially Dominion software whose owners are Clintons and similar. Don’t take it - fight back.

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