Rants and Raves | Nov. 18, 2020

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Lee Williams High School boys cross-country team places eighth at state meet – Congratulations to the Lee Williams High School boys cross-country team. I know the determination and sacrifice it takes to letter in that sport. Good job.

We are tired of you telling us about all the so-called COVID cases.

Cases rising, deaths rising - Utah and New Mexico are in crisis, yet it seems that county and city leadership will wait until we, too, are in critical shape! We can protect each other by wearing a mask and social distancing.

Mohave County COVID cases on the rise – Would it really inconvenience people to wear a mask and help stop this spread of COVID? Did you not notice how cases went up after removing the mask mandate? Let’s put our masks back on and socially distance. Please!

Operation King Crimson leads to seizure of 120 pounds of meth – Great job to law enforcement in the successful takedown of more worthless drug-producing and dealing individuals. May you all rot in prison.

“President-elect” Biden? He’s not my president; will never be my president. Impeach! Impeach! Impeach!! Sound familiar?

Public servant: County Supervisor Gary Watson is stepping aside after 12 years on the job – Thank you, Supervisor Gary Watson. You have been wise, especially about COVID-19 measures. I wish you the very best.

Election called for Biden, Trump says not so fast – Biden won fair and square. Trump is continuing to act like the spoiled rich kid born with a silver spoon in his mouth by refusing to concede. Time for him to move on so our country can begin to heal.

Election called for Biden, Trump says not so fast – Trump’s own Election Assistance Commission appointee has called his allegations of voter fraud false and nothing more than conspiracy theories.

Arizona seeks dismissal of Trump suit – The left spent four years harassing President Trump with the fake Russia hoax but wow, they can’t even give him four weeks to prove the incredible election fraud those of us who looked into it have seen?

Biden faces tough choice over whether to back virus lockdowns – In order to finally arrest a raging pandemic? But wait. No proof lockdowns do that, and they kill people in other ways. Lost businesses, depression, fear of going to doctor for more-serious maladies?

Trump’s asking lawyers again if he can pardon himself and his family. They’re all a bunch of grifters and criminals. They deserve to go to jail just like anyone else would.

COVID-19 kills 4 more – Our county and city leaders continue to allow large public gatherings with no masks required. We are running headlong into a major crisis like lemmings over a cliff.

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