Rants and Raves | Nov. 20, 2020

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Rant against newspaper for publishing COVID-19 stories – We are NOT tired of you telling us about all the COVID cases.

Voting by Electoral College is not outdated. Without the Electoral College the rural and smaller states might as well not vote. We are a republic (not a democracy) with 50 states with different needs.

To all of you who remember the days of President John Kennedy and Camelot, now we will have the days of President Joe Biden and Kamala.

What do public pools, splash pads, tennis and pickleball courts, parks, dog parks, expensive libraries, urgent care/senior/health offices, theaters, banks, car washes, chain grocery stores and paved roads have in common? They don’t exist in District 4. Thanks.

Let ‘Em Play: 15 bands, 14 hours, 1 stage as Kingman Music Studio hosts concert in Metcalfe Park – And let the virus spread! What a plan! What leadership and caring for the public! Not!

Mohave County Supervisors decline to approve election canvass – This is “Spoiled Sport 101!” What a shame these officials have forgotten what being an American and living in a democracy is about! We don’t need a recount. We need to serve the people, not the party.

Thousands rally around Trump after election – Thousands more were celebrating his loss all over the country, but that was downplayed locally. His fans with no masks may bring something home to their families they did not expect.

Mohave County reports 147 new COVID-19 cases as surge intensifies – It’s time! We need to wear masks, people. Is it OK for so many people to get sick? For our nurses to have to work 52-plus hours a week? Don’t be selfish. Mandate masks!

Mohave County Supervisors decline to approve election canvass – We the people of Mohave County don’t want to be part of the craziness of the election. Mr. Tempert and his department have stated that our election numbers are correct. We need to submit them and be done with this.

Pentagon to lower troop levels to 2,500 in Afghanistan and Iraq – It’s about time to get out of places where we have no skin in the game. Thank you President Trump.

Trump fires Chris Krebs, Department of Homeland Security cyber security director, for stating this election was most secure in history. Trump doesn’t want to hear the truth; just wants to undermine democracy. GOP needs to get spine.

Nearly two dozen arrested at DC Trump march – This was a peaceful march by tens of thousands of Trump lovers; many wonderful speeches to keep on keeping on, etc. Those violent beings attacking others, often seniors, with bats, firecrackers and fists can’t be called anti-fascist. They are fascists.

Mohave County reports 147 new COVID-19 cases as surge intensifies – Remember when the mask mandate had it down to near zero new cases. Take a bow Regina Cobb and city council members who encouraged this. Hospitalizations and deaths are your fault.

Huge difference between Bullhead City and Kingman gas prices. City council needs to investigate price gouging in Kingman. Fuel trucks drive through Kingman with same gas they deliver to Bullhead City. Seems greed is the reason.

Mohave County Supervisors decline to approve election canvass – Supervisor Watson, I withdraw the best wishes I made to you in Rants and Raves on Nov. 18. You voting to prevent votes from being submitted is voter suppression.

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