Rants and Raves | Nov. 25, 2020

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Stop the “wear your mask or we’ll all die from COVID” stuff! So tired of your whining! People have enough information to make their own decisions. You are not the boss of us. No one cares what you think anymore.

Mohave County logs record number of COVID-19 cases – County supervisors and Kingman City Council wake up, mask up, and man up. Masking has proven to help with the pandemic. Take action and enforce a mask mandate now. Save our citizens.

Tom Ciardullo letter: Give the next president a chance – Tom, you are asking a portion of our nation to give Biden a chance? This country is so divided I often wonder which state will secede from the union first?

Tom Ciardullo letter: Give the next president a chance – I concur. President Trump will be the next president and I hope the liberals heed this writer’s words and instead of phony Russian hoaxes, etc., consider his unbelievable accomplishments and get behind him for once. Trump, God’s chosen one.

Biden turns 78, will be oldest president – Mother could work out and outwalk anyone at 78; however, she had Alzheimer’s and had no clue who she even was. That’s great Joe can work out. Trump never had time; too busy restoring the country Obama/Biden nearly destroyed.

The G20 Summit was held virtually with global leaders around the world attending. When it came time to discuss the pandemic Trump skipped out and went golfing instead. With over 253,000 deaths he couldn’t face them.

Mohave County records 156 new COVID-19 cases – Our city and county leadership must be so very, very proud!

Kingman Renaissance Faire – How irresponsible of the organizers of the Renaissance Faire. At a time when a deadly virus is sweeping our area they hold a superspreader event. Few masks, little social distancing, little concern about others. Shame.

Kingman City Council declines to move forward with annexation at industrial park – Council votes 6 to 1 not to annex airport area’s new land that it asked voters to approve. Are you kidding me?

Walter finds a home, and a book deal – If only there were more “Walter the wonder donkeys” the world would be a better place.

Mohave County Supervisors decline to approve election canvass – It shows our supervisors are acting like spoiled children, just like our president! My county supervisor just lost my vote next time. Your actions not to certify until the last minute has affected many in the state.

Joe Guzzardi column: ‘Scranton’ Joe and immigration – Honest article! Hope you Biden lovers enjoy socialism, being told by the government how to live, and $6 a gallon gasoline.

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