Rants and Raves | Nov. 27, 2020

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Mohave County reports record 212 COVID-19 cases on Monday, Nov. 23 – Smart move, Mohave County. No mask mandate. The Trump mentality strikes again. Let’s do everything we can to help out the virus.

Rave: Trump is God’s chosen one – How can anyone believe God would choose Trump, a name-calling, hatred-spewing, fake reality TV host?

Biden would put US back in Paris Accord – Under Trump U.S. has reduced more carbon emissions. Only the AP would say it is only because we had more carbon emissions to reduce. Give up, President Trump. You will never get credit for all your magnificent accomplishments.

Local schools adjust to coronavirus surge – Thank goodness someone is paying attention and acting in the best interest of our health and safety.

Alpaca Farm Days Celebration slated for Nov. 28-29 – I love the alpaca farm, but we are having a massive surge in COVID-19 cases. When are we going to stop having and promoting public events? It’s time to get the virus under control here! Incredible recklessness!

Christine Flowers column: Closing down schools is not the solution to the pandemic – Oh really? Christine Flowers is not a doctor or a teacher or a person with any experience with epidemiology. She is a political hack writer, smiling all the way to the bank on money she earns spreading misleading innuendo.

Tom Ciardullo letter: Give the next president a chance – You mean like the left has given Trump a chance? Oh wait, I meant, like the left has spent every single day trying to destroy him with lie after lie while Trump has soldiered on accomplishing more than any other president.

Mohave County reports record 212 COVID-19 cases on Monday, Nov. 23 – Monday last to Monday this week we have 781 reported cases. When will county and city officials admit they must have safety measures in place? And when will our residents start behaving like American patriots and do their part?

Stay away from businesses that do not require masks. They don’t value life or health enough to care about their customers. Their employees are not wearing masks to make a political statement. The only statement is they are ignorant.

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