Rants and Raves | Oct. 4, 2020

Thomas Allen letter: Time to wise up – C’mon man! Open your eyes and quit being a sheep. Havasu has already dropped the mandate. It’s time for Kingman to do the same! Let the people choose for themselves like a free society should. Get rid of the masks.

Gloria Stevens letter: My Ancestors Matter – I’m with you all the way, Gloria. My one ancestor was Robert E. Lee who was God-fearing, hated slavery, loved Jesus, caught in the times. Can’t defend BLM, however, who are Marxists and not part of our founding.

Wilma Hart letter: Now hear this – Bravo, Ms. Hart! My feelings exactly. We must respect each other’s opinions and beliefs. If another person’s beliefs or opinions offend you, suck it up, grow up and get a life.

COVID-19 updates – The Miner needs to cool it on articles about COVID-19 (yawn). All they do is promote fear mongering.

Lake Havasu City mask mandate lifted – This was a hasty decision. Let’s hope for the best but prepare for the consequences.

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