Rants and Raves | Oct. 7, 2020

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People in need – Time for us Mohave County residents that were not directly affected by the COVID to give a little extra this coming holiday season. A lot of families are hurting here.

The Kingman mask debate – The president and first lady are infected, as are a number of their close GOP associates. They will receive care unavailable to the public. The time to deny COVID-19 as a hoax is over! Quit whining and wear a mask.

Trump’s diagnosis shows America’s vulnerability to coronavirus – First, heartfelt wishes that the president, first lady, and all those infected recover. This virus is not near done with us. Wear a mask, practice social distancing, be a patriot. We know it’s real now, so let’s save lives!

Hildy Angius calls for an end to the public health emergency – Thank you, Ms. Angius, for your continued persistence in trying to bring the county and city leaders to their senses. Business owners and citizens have had enough of playing the COVID game.

Hildy Angius calls for an end to the public health emergency – Is Angius in a bubble? Does she not read national and world news? Cases are down because we are taking precautions. This supervisor needs to retire or resign due to her reckless endangerment of the public. COVID isn’t gone!

Trump challenging voting rules – Let’s support the most important thing a democracy has to offer its citizens - the right to vote! Without that, every drop of blood spilled to protect and serve our country was spilled in vain!

Trump put lives of Secret Service agents in jeopardy when he decided to go for a drive around Walter Reed Medical to say hi to his supporters.

Wilma Hart letter: Now hear this – Right on Wilma! And now, Trump with COVID, the press is going nuts. He’s lying for sympathy, he’s going to die, didn’t need oxygen, did get oxygen, his fault, he’s killing us all. Thank you for sharing China.

Trump Improving - First, the doctor can’t legally “tell all” without the patient’s OK. Giving someone oxygen is no big deal. Trump never appeared to need it. He walked on his own and can outwalk, outwork everyone around him, no matter their age.

Rave responding to Gloria Stevens’ letter: My ancestors matter – Every history book in the world will bear this out: Robert E. Lee fought to preserve slavery, and secede from the United States of America! That was his intent. That’s reality. Let’s not revise history completely.

So you voted Democrat all your adult life, and your Democratic politics destroyed the place you used to call home. Now you bring it to Arizona. Keep Arizona red!

At debate Trump family walked in wearing masks then took them off after Cleveland Clinic advised everyone to wear mask. They think they’re a monarchy not having to follow public health guidance.

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