Rants and Raves | Oct. 16, 2020

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Angius: Virus safety inspections amount to ‘harassment’ of local businesses – Until the mask mandate is removed, I won’t be shopping at local businesses. Would love to support our businesses, though. For now, it’s online and at businesses that don’t require masks.

Trump-Biden trips push Electoral College expectations – Did you note, Biden was in Phoenix and not a single person showed up outside the venue. Not even one. The Phoenix reporters were saying “nothing to see here, very boring, empty.” Every Trump rally has thousands all screaming.

Barrett may be open to reversing Roe v Wade – Dear God, I hope so. Sixty million dead babies should be enough to quench America’s thirst for abortion. In the hearings, left-wing women proudly push abortion, as if it is perfectly normal to slaughter your own progeny. Sad times!

Barrett may be open to reversing Roe v Wade – Republicans want to take away reproductive rights for women yet they won’t wear masks to save the lives of other Americans. They say it’s infringing on “their” rights. Hypocrites, don’t infringe on women’s rights.

Voter registration deadline extension overturned – These same citizens probably had no problem getting out to Lowes, Home Depot or local restaurants, yet they could not find time to register. Sounds more like more voter harvesting. Everyone knew the rules.

Where are mine and my husband’s mail-in ballots. There are four people registered for mail-in-ballots in this house. Two have received them but my husband and I have not.

In the Miner (Kingman Fire Chief) Jake Rhoades says he’s not the chief of Northern Arizona Consolidated Fire District. Then why is he playing the part, and with taxpayers’ money?

The club newsletter made a reference to the Chinese virus, not COVID-19. The group is supposed to be non-partisan. You will lose members for this behavior. Don’t dump Fox News excrement on us.

Barrett won’t commit to recuse herself on election issues – Of course not, because that is one reason they are trying to push her through – so she can help Trump win when he loses! You know, be “loyal” and do a “favor” for the guy who appointed her!

Appeals court to rule on voter registration deadline in Arizona – Why don’t they let people vote? Not allowing people to vote is cheating, folks! If they have so much to offer Arizonans, what are they afraid of and why are they trying to suppress voting?

Roberta McCain, mother of John McCain, dies at 108 – May she rest in peace. And hopefully Trump loyalists will not insult her life and memory as they did to her son, John, for doing the right thing, and saving the health care of thousands here in Arizona!

“My Ancestors Mattered” letter – I am amazed that someone could blatantly state that Confederate soldiers “fought for all our freedoms.” Sorry, but Confederate traitors killed true American soldiers. Your ancestors waged war on the USA so the Southern states could preserve slavery. Disgusting!

Biden on high court packing: ‘I’m not a fan” – The right-wing conservatives have been packing the lower courts the past three years like there is no tomorrow. Not a big issue with Biden, folks. You need to find out what is really going on with the far right.

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