Rants and Raves | Oct. 18, 2020

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White evangelicals hope to keep Texas red for Trump – Trump’s bad handling of the coronavirus? Are they kidding? This man is getting vaccines ahead of time, sent a Navy hospital ship to New York City where the lying Mayor didn’t even use it, and so much more.

White evangelicals hope to keep Texas red for Trump – Nothing says “spread the love” like letting hundreds of thousands of American die, and spreading hateful division throughout our country! Evangelicals have been duped into following a false prophet, with no moral compass and zero empathy for others.

White evangelicals hope to keep Texas red for Trump – Actually, having lived there 35 years, I can tell you many Mexicans also support Trump. At one Texas Trump rally, attended by my family, the wild, crazy Trump-loving crowd, in the thousands, were nearly all Hispanic. Many blacks, also.

Rant: To the person who won’t shop local until the mask mandate is removed – Thank you! Those of us at high risk appreciate you staying away from the public. More people are not shopping because of people like you, who insist on recklessly endangering the health of all!

Letter: Vote to honor those who died defending American freedoms – Amen to that. To give up the precious right to vote voluntarily is to give up on the principles this country was founded on. It is an insult to those who gave their all, and to their families’ sacrifices.

Republican Chris Christie stated: “I was wrong not to wear a mask” and “every public official should advocate for every American to wear a mask in public.” Takes guts to admit when you’re wrong.

Angius: Virus safety inspections amount to ‘harassment’ of local businesses – I agree. Anonymous complaints should not be taken seriously. If you have a problem with a business or a neighbor, have the guts to give your name.

Trump makes appearance ...; Pence rallies in Arizona ... – The Sunday, Oct. 11 issue of the Miner carried large, half-page articles about Trump and Pence, but not a single sentence about the next president of the United States, Joe Biden. Total bias.

Trump makes first public appearance – Usual AP lies - Trump was tested, is fine to be out. And actual count - 500 attending and distanced; at times yelling in unison “we love you.” Don’t see that at the very small “no energy” Biden rallies.

Mohave County says health emergency still in effect – Thank providence that the supervisors living in a bubble were overruled by science and common sense. Many states are seeing a spike again, and this virus is not done! Wear a mask and practice social distancing to save lives.

Scalia heir Barrett may be open to overturn Roe v Wade – GOP campaign groups are claiming that Biden/Harris policy on abortion is “on demand to the day of birth.” This is simply not true. This is an attempt to remove reproductive rights for women.

Trump about-face on virus aid – His “abrupt puzzling move?” Are you nuts? Pelosi and friends have held this up repeatedly so Nancy can try to get multiple millions unrelated to coronavirus for her friends. Standalone bills would cut out the huge Pelosi bloat! Fantastic president.

Over 900,000 Americans filed for unemployment last week for a total of 25.9 million claims during this pandemic. Economist say this is sign of slowing recovery all due to mishandling of pandemic.

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