Rants and Raves | Oct. 21, 2020

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I’m tired of people taking out their frustration from the pandemic on Jen Miles. She does not want this pandemic. She has done a wonderful job of using science to resolve this. Quit making her the scapegoat.

Elections and Scamdemic – I’ve come to the conclusion after reading rants and raves that a big portion of Mohave County residents and leaders have lost their collective minds.

Tenant found for part of old Kmart building – What wonderful news. I, for one, am so happy to hear about this new store coming and wish them well. Can hardly wait to see the clothing lines.

Tenant found for part of old Kmart building – Just what we need, another supply store for all those ranchers moving into the Kingman area. Local home builders are so busy constructing all those sprawling ranches. How about a fresh food market or Trader Joe’s.

Avalanche of early votes transforms the 2020 election – Just watched the little Carson City, Nevada Trump rally. Little? There were thousands waiting since morning for the late night rally; screaming, excited. There is no excitement among the 25 at Biden rallies. Trump’s win will be stunning. God’s work!

I guess we all know Trump will go to Russia. He’s stated he’ll leave the country if Biden wins election. He’s been kissing up to Putin so he can avoid jail time for tax fraud.

Eddie Van Halen – The good Lord took an American hero, sonic innovator, an immigrant who made the American dream his. I’m no Eddie Van Halen but I would not be me without his art. RIP Edward Van Halen. I’m glad you stopped by.

Arizona voters to decide on legalizing marijuana on Nov. 3 – About time! Marijuana is much less detrimental than the socially acceptable and culturally encouraged consumption of alcohol. Morals are bottom up, not top down; legislating morality doesn’t work.

Moment of Decision: City council to reevaluate face mask proclamation Tuesday – Keep the masks on until this virus is eradicated. Obviously not hurting business in town. Look at the full parking lots. Shame on the businesses that don’t enforce the mandate. Kingman City Council, don’t be bullied!

Rick Green column: If athletes are condemned for speaking out who’s next – Good point! Don’t deny your fellow Americans the right to free speech just because the issue they are protesting does not affect you! I sure hear a lot of protests about non-issues, so let others speak out peacefully.

Town hall slated over mask mandate for county buildings – Bishop wants to rotate folks in and out of the meeting. If someone wants to stay do you force them to leave? Stop stepping on our rights. You’ve violated our liberties enough.

Town hall slated over mask mandate for county buildings – Supervisor Angius said the town hall is “almost past time.” This could also apply to her and the constant denials on this issue.

Town hall slated over mask mandate for county buildings – Hildy Angius and Ron Gould don’t seem to read the news or care how many residents we lose. They won’t admit that wearing masks is essential to slowing the spread of this virus. Out of touch!

Tax on wealthy to support schools raises issues – This is simple. The very rich don’t want to pay an extra penny for public education for the children of the working class that worked to make them rich. Our kids deserve an equal playing field in life.

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