Rants and Raves | Oct. 25, 2020

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Let’s be fair and rotate services – I’ve lived and worked here 20 years. Owned, never rented. My garbage is picked up at 6 a.m. ( noisy truck). Mail delivered almost in the middle of the night, too late to tackle any of that day’s bills. Why? I pay taxes, too.

Celebrating four decades of care – Dr. Bokhari is sent from the gods! My family owes him everything. At 44 I could have died. Dr. Bokhari never gave up on me when I already did. Doctor, your faith and amazing skills saved me. You’re the best!

Kingman City Council removes mask mandate – Council did the right thing. Outbreaks have largely been in care centers. Bullhead and Havasu rescinded their mandates. Yavapai County never had a mandate and they have fewer cases. Social distancing goes a long way. Stop the fear!

Kingman City Council removes mask mandate – Just in time for the new spike rising! I believe that this will prove to be the most reckless and dangerous decision this city council has ever made. Remember who had our safety as a priority and who didn’t.

Eleven more coronavirus cases in Mohave County - Cases are on the rise, and we’re “free” to get sick and die! What a deal!

Cases on the rise – Mask it or casket. Your choice!

State health director expects cases to rise after Thanksgiving – Has she not noticed the rising spike in cases now? Wow! Denial is not just a river in Egypt! And people will have to sacrifice their lives and loved ones for political ambition and ignorance!

Masks – To all you Californians who want to have mask mandates, lockdowns and COVID hysteria, and who are triggered and offended by Trump signs, go back to California. It already has the policies you want, so why did you leave?

If the business owners in this town don’t care enough about me to wear a mask they deserve to lose their businesses. I’m going back to Amazon or doing without.

Kingman City Council removes mask mandate – Never have I felt the Kingman City Council put my life and fellow residents’ lives in so much jeopardy as when they removed the mask mandate Tuesday. Too many foolhardy Kingmanites remain who carelessly, or intentionally, infect others. Criminal!

Masks – This is wrong, these signs up that you can’t enter without a mask. What are we in, a Nazi country?

Kingman City Council removes mask mandate – Removing the mask mandate in Kingman when cases are surging in Arizona is not only ignorant, irresponsible and unscientific, it also suggests a lack of leadership and concern for our community. Shame on the city council.

Kingman City Council removes mask mandate – Regina Cobb, you are an epic fail for the seniors of Kingman. One unnecessary death is one too many. You choose not to lead but to bury your head in the sand. You do not deserve to represent this town.

Kingman City Council removes mask mandate – Council members Nelson, Keener, Lingenfelter and Watkins, I will think of you each time I hear an ambulance knowing your votes have harmed so many innocent people.

Kingman City Council removes mask mandate – This vote is why Miles, Scott Stehly and Wayt have my support. The others need to spend some time volunteering at a hospital or a senior nursing home.

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