Rants and Raves | Oct. 28, 2020

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Elections and scamdemic response – I for one am thankful to The Miner for posting Rants and Raves. This is needed and appreciated service during these difficult times. Thank you, Miner!

Would the thief who stole my Biden/Harris sign from in front of my office please return it? It is a criminal act to steal political signs. Though often tempted I would never remove Trump signs. First Amendment.

President Donald Trump to hold rally in Bullhead City Wednesday, Oct. 28 – Great news, perfect day for mask wearers and democrats to go shopping in Kingman!

The bright halogen headlights on trucks and cars should be outlawed. They are blinding to those coming in the opposite direction. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

Kingman City Council removes mask mandate – Thank you, city council, for taking away the mask mandate. We will try to be safe, making our own decisions. Thank you so much!

Supervisors get an earful over face coverings – You were asked to wear a mask, not donate a kidney. There is a public health emergency and everyone needs to step up. It is embarrassing to live here among so many childish and selfish individuals.

Face coverings still required in city-owned buildings – New city slogan, “No Lives Matter” (unless you work for the city). Some council members should be embarrassed and ashamed.

Great to see neighbors with the courage to place Biden signs and flags in their yards! I’m afraid that the radical right in dilapidated pickups flying multiple Trump flags will vandalize my property!

Murder hornets tracked – Amazing how they tracked these little monsters. My friend’s father, a beekeeper, thanks you and I, a honey lover, thank you.

COVID-19 cases rising – Cases rising in the county and city yet mask mandate is repealed. What are you thinking about, city council and county board?

Those ungrateful, misinformed folks on the street wanting to recall our Mayor, who is trying to save their lives, need to wear a mask and stop whining like crybabies!

US sets daily infection record – Lockdowns are killing Americans. Scare tactics of newscasters (only report new cases and how many dead) are causing elderly to miss heart appointments, thousands of children not appearing for school online, drugs and suicides up and more. Dangerous reporting.

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