Rants and Raves | Oct. 30, 2020

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Ovens go cold at Great American Pizza over mask dispute with county – It’s amazing how a business would sacrifice income and safety of their own employees and customers because of a mask mandate. It’s like shooting yourself in the foot for no reason.

Ovens go cold at Great American Pizza over mask dispute with county – Great American Pizza, stand your ground. The snitcher(s) did a disservice to everyone in Golden Valley. Snitching is un-American; they do it in communist countries and third grade.

If you don’t like their business practices don’t go into the store.

Trump to rally Republicans in Bullhead City – Another super spreader event for the carnival barker! Good luck with that!

I’m sick to death of all these brainwashed liberal, radical communists bad-mouthing our president regarding his visit to Bullhead. Enjoy your paper very much, though.

Mohave County records 53 new cases of COVID-19 – Cases rising and that’s only the ones tested and reported! When we are overwhelmed, remember who did not stand up to protect us in the Mohave County and City of Kingman governments. They chose to pander to the misinformed minority mob.

Fever, lack of taste and smell. COVID indicators are hard to miss. If you’ve got them, stay home. At risk, afraid or have co-morbidity? Mask up and social distance. Otherwise go maskless, breathe free and lead a normal life.

For the benefit of the ignorant please stop saying “for the protection of others.” Mask wearing protects everybody. Wear a mask when out in public.

Ovens go cold at Great American Pizza over mask dispute with county – One size fits all when it comes to COVID. Would you serve me if I showed up at your store with no shoes, no shirt, smoking a cigarette? It does not hurt or impair you to wear a mask.

Stop watching network news and all your scamdemic fears will fade away.

Roberts guides Dodgers to first World Series title in 32 years – Refreshing to see professional baseball players not flaunting political views on their uniforms and sticking to what they know about – sports – unlike basketball and football sports teams that plaster derogatory logos on their uniforms.

Early vote total exceeds 2016; GOP chips away at Dems’ advantage – I believe this report is the usual Democratic scare tactics. If Republicans will wait 20 hours to see Trump in person, they will make it to vote Nov. 3 in person. Biden will lose in the biggest loss ever.

US sets daily infection record rant – People are not missing their doctor appointments, etc., due to the news; it’s what’s actually happening. Should reporters just close their eyes and act like nothing is happening? Sounds like someone is totally brainwashed.

Ballot propositions should be unconstitutional. Voting elects people; legislation is the due process of statutes and funding and taxation. Decisions for land, resources and citizens requires investigations, research and due process that only legislators and investigators have the power to do.

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