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Sat, Jan. 22

Community View | Mohave County Supervisors, Kingman City Council erred when removing face mask requirements

Our esteemed Mohave County Supervisors have outdone themselves this time. They win the blue ribbon for stupid. This time, however, their stupidity may very well cost the lives of some of our county residents, which makes them also extremely dangerous to the citizens of Mohave County.

On Monday, Oct. 26 the Mohave County Department of Public Health announced another 53 new COVID-19 cases in Mohave County. That brought the county case count to 4,197; that’s real people, not just a number. Of those there have been 219 deaths. That is 219 too many.

Move ahead to Tuesday and Wednesday. The county announced another 39 cases and one more death. The cases and the deaths just keep going up.

So, what does our board of supervisors do? They lift the requirement to wear face masks in county buildings. They and the Kingman City Council need to get their heads out of the sand and do the right thing, even if it is the hard choice.

I realize the county supervisors and city council members are kissing up to those who might vote against them if they do not lift requirements to wear masks. That may be what some people want, however, there are just as many of us that would like to see mask requirements continue. It’s not that we like wearing them any more than the next person, but we wish to protect those around us as well as ourselves. Many people in Kingman are over age 70 with compromised immune systems. Even though they wear a mask it is a safeguard if the next person wears one, too. Are people really that selfish that they can’t wear a mask while in public to protect their fellow citizens?

Some “experts” say masks are necessary and other so-called “experts” say they are not of any use. Why not err on the side of using them rather than find out down the line that we could have saved a lot of people “if only” we had worn them. It is such a small thing to do that could prevent even more illness and death.

I hope each and every supervisor and city council member who is running for re-election and who voted to stop the requirements to wear masks is voted out of office. They apparently don’t take their responsibility to protect the citizens of Mohave County and the City of Kingman very seriously.

(Sandee Samoska is a resident of Kingman.)

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