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Rants and Raves | Sept. 6, 2020

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Kingman residents speak out against mayor’s face covering proclamation – I stand with Mayor Miles! She has done the right thing despite the whining of residents who have lost their sense of patriotism and American teamwork! That is leadership! Freedom comes with responsibility! Cobb is recklessly endangering the public!

Mustang maven – It was a refreshing story on the front page, Friday Sept. 4. With all the bad news out there I don’t even read the paper. This story is refreshing. Thanks.

Council to decide fate of face masks in Kingman – It’s about time the entire council weighs in on this ridiculous mask dictate and throws this radical idea in the trash where it belongs. City council, do your job, vote this idea down. Mayor, stop acting like a tinhorn dictator.

If you survive the 30-60 day stay in the hospital, the bill for that stay will kill you. No one will talk about the bills the survivors have to pay. Mask up!

Thank you, Mayor Miles, for making these idiots do the right thing. The only way to curb this virus is mandatory face coverings. Don’t let up. Thank you, thank you.

Kingman seeks public input on zoning ordinance update – So the city has input on zoning issues but not on tyrannical mask mandates by one person way out of her depth and legal parameters? Interesting.

Council to decide fate of face masks in Kingman – Regina Cobb, an entitled “Karen” left out of the fight, without an injustice in her pampered life, throws science and patriotic decency aside, to fight against protecting Americans by wearing a mask for an average 10 minutes a day.

Council to decide fate of face masks in Kingman – Schools and businesses will reopen soon. We know there will be a spike in COVID-19 cases. To remove the mask order is reckless endangerment of the public! This is not about personal freedom; it’s about personal responsibility.

While visiting Arlington Cemetery on Memorial Day 2017 Trump was dumbfounded why servicemen would give their lives for their country. The president can’t fathom the idea of doing something for someone other than himself.

President Trump, my father was seriously injured in World War II by a grenade, which affected his health the rest of his life. He and other soldiers are heroes; they are not losers. You didn’t serve, you are the loser.

Lack of arrest and prosecution for felony dumping in Dolan Springs after notifying authorities and providing video.

Sept. 3 Mohave County Board of Supervisors meeting – I commend Jean Bishop, chairwoman of the Mohave County Board of Supervisors. She handles each meeting with class. It can’t be easy and she should be commended for a job well done.

Masks – It is sad to see that with so many elderly people living in Kingman that others don’t seem to care about them. Yes, it can be a nuisance but if it keeps people safe why not. We wear seat belts.

Kingman residents speak out against mayor’s face covering proclamation – Jennifer Esposito would be better off keeping her insults in check. She accomplished nothing positive with her prepared rant. She could have better served the community by speaking in a more respectful manner. Want respect? Show respect.

Peter Funt column: In 2020, fear is on the election ballot – Peter Funt failed to mention in his praise of the Democratic platform how they want abortion up to the time of birth. He also failed to mention Biden’s dementia. Pro-lifers have been told they’re not welcome.

When will Mexico pay for the wall rant – Actually, they already have. Doing one of his unbelievable agreements with Mexico, Trump got Mexico to put troops on both their northern and southern borders, thus keeping illegals out of the U.S.

Mohave County hits benchmark to allow gyms, theaters and bars with dine-in food service to reopen – Supervisor Gary Watson showed strength and wisdom with his reversal on gym openings in county buildings. Supervisors Bishop and Johnson always consider the greater good when voting. Angius is always “No,” while Gould says “capricious and arbitrary” a lot.

Suit filed to ban Kanye West from Arizona ballot – Kanye isn’t stupid. Probably thinks Democrats are disillusioned with blithering, blundering Biden in Hid’in. However, elections are serious events. We’re the greatest nation/power on earth. Everyone able and eligible should show up in person to vote.

Suit filed to ban Kanye West from Arizona ballot – Independent Kanye West, who’s running for president, has mental health problems. It’s unfortunate that Republicans and Trump would take advantage of his illness by promoting his campaign to take votes away from Biden.

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