Rants and Raves | Sept. 27, 2020

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Recall effort underway over Kingman mask mandate – Kudos, Mr. Coffman. You’re absolutely correct in stating the fact our freedoms are being dictated by a select few, some of whom aren’t very credible. Let’s face it. We’ve been taken for a ride.

Recall effort underway over Kingman mask mandate – So, anyone these people don’t agree with needs to be recalled from office? Such a selfish attitude when COVID-19 cases in Arizona are on the rise again! Let them run for office since they know what is best for Kingman.

Recall effort underway over Kingman mask mandate – Mask fanatics, look up the term “gaslight.” Clinging to your masks for safety shows you haven’t done any recent, accurate, sensible research. You have an inexplicable desire to be controlled by the government and to control others. I pity you.

Recall effort underway over Kingman mask mandate – OMG, this recall of the city council and mayor petition is such a waste of taxpayer money. Don’t sign the petition. Wearing masks could save your life and mine.

County reports 33 new COVID-19 cases – Thirty-three new cases in two days. But the Misinformed Mob still wants to recall the mask order? As my Dad used to say: “How stupid can you be?” Not to mention selfish, callous and unpatriotic!

Heath Director: Face masks matter more than vaccine – Thank you, Denise Burley, for clarifying that! All the real health experts in the world are saying the same thing. So let’s get behind science and reality and save each other. That’s what real Americans do.

Mohave County Sheriff’s Office deputies to wear body cameras – Good idea. Transparency protects all. More training in dealing with disabled and mentally incapacitated/challenged individuals would be good, too.

McSally, Gosar rally local Republicans at annual Lincoln Day Dinner – I guess they forgot about the 202,000 dead and 50 million unemployed, kids school, GOP lawsuit to end all health care coverage. What COVID-19 pandemic are you referring to?

First single-shot vaccine to begin trials soon – What a magnificent workaholic President Trump is, accomplishing more than we could have ever imagined. Promises made, promises more than kept. Of course, there aren’t actually 200,000 that have died from COVID but let the lefties play their little games.

To the ranter claiming false reporting of COVID deaths – You are correct. The true number is suspected to be much higher! Do they count deaths at nursing facilities and meat packing plants? What about those who were afraid to get tested, and died, seemingly from other issues?

Cindy McCain backs Biden – First, Trump never said military were losers/suckers. Nobody loves the military more than Trump. Don’t count on that Biden boost from McCain’s backing. Many Arizonans hated McCain, watched him proudly do thumbs down, saw him use/abuse Sarah Palin.

Trump Victory campaign rallies the troops in Mohave County – Rallies the troops to what? A king? An autocrat who will not respect the Constitution, the Rule of Law, and our right to live through a badly bungled pandemic? There are 203,000 dead and counting, and our economy is failing!

Demonstrations – If we were really serious about stopping the rioting we would make all demonstrations be held during daylight hours. Any peaceful demonstrations after dark would be unlawful. The cowards can’t stand daylight. Besides, they’d be easier to catch.

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