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Sun, May 22

Letter | My ancestors matter

The lives of my (Confederate) ancestors matter! It sickens me that a stone honoring Confederate Soldiers of America (located at the Arizona Veterans Cemetery in Sierra Vista), who fought for all of our freedoms, may be removed because it offends a minority group. The “mural” in front of Pennsylvania Avenue offends me, too, but you don’t see me writing articles or publicly burning businesses over it.

Someone please have enough clout to stand with me and say “no, I’m not going to take it any more.”

I’m a proud American. I stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and I salute my flag. If you call that racist, so be it. I call it American.

You do not have the right to destroy memorials to ancestors, whether it offends you or not. Much of today offends me, but I acknowledge your right to disagree. Will you remove all reference to Antifa, BLM and other reference, whether Democrat, Republican or other parties? Of course not.

This country will never heal until all of the hatred is put aside. Life itself matters, however we do not need to shout it out. We all know it. As humans we need to work together, love one another and try to preserve what is left of our heritage and our country and rebuild a country we can all be proud of. Strike the word offensive out of the language you use. This is America, built by the blood and sweat of all of our ancestors, yours and mine. You are destroying everything your ancestors shed blood to build. President Trump has made it illegal to destroy monuments on federal land. Gov. Ducey, won’t you do the same on state land? Let’s stop the insanity in our state. It has to start somewhere.

Gloria Stevens


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