Rants and Raves | April 2, 2021

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Feral Cat Warriors is working to address the issue of feral cats at its source – Hey, if you love cats move to Kingman. The newspapers shows there are thousands of feral cats in Mohave County. Should have never gotten to this point. Great job Mohave County.

Feral Cat Warriors is working to address the issue of feral cats at its source – Mohave County should fine the cat hoarders in Kingman-Butler area when food bowls are found on porches and steps. The cats carry diseases and other problems such as spraying people’s homes and leaving feces on private property.

Biden haters – Show proof that he raised gas or food prices. There is none. The border is not open. He just shows compassion to minors. Conditions at the holding centers were no different during Trump era.

GOP seeks felony for protesters who damage statues – Thank you, Rep. Kavanaugh. No matter the statue, it is against the law to destroy them. It has been heartbreaking to see unAmerican idiots destroying so much countrywide. These same people know nothing about our true history.

Gov. Ducey lifts mask mandates, reopens bars – Less than 20% of Arizonians have been vaccinated yet Gov. Ducey decided without input from hospitals and doctors to scrap mask mandates. These politicians are idiots who only care about their political careers.

State lawmakers look to triple their expense allowance – They should try to earn what they get paid first! Please note who is supporting this bill.

Arizona proposal would ban nearly all abortions – This is a draconian and invasive bill that interferes with freedom and reproductive rights for women. Strange that the folks always crying about our freedoms being taken away are so willing to invade a woman’s right to choose.

So in Georgia you can get arrested for giving water or food to voters standing in line. How outrageous and pathetic has the GOP become?

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