Rants and Raves | April 4, 2021

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Over 4.000 migrants, many of them kids, crowded into Texas facility – So what happens if half of Mexico, etc. ends up in the United States and the cartels start taking over?

“The Border Is Not Open” rant – The border’s not open? How did we manage to get 14,000 unaccompanied minors on our side? Liberals lie when the truth would sound better. This Biden crisis is only getting worse.

Over 4.000 migrants, many of them kids, crowded into Texas facility – This is just great. What could possibly go wrong? On the West coast, U.S. children in foster homes have been thrown out, replaced by illegals. To hell with U.S. children. Meanwhile, Biden’s pampered dog poops on White House floor.

Over 4.000 migrants, many of them kids, crowded into Texas facility – If the border wall is so effective, how can smugglers drop children over the top of it?

Arizona Senate proposal would ban nearly all abortions – Americans should have freedom to have an abortion until the fourth month with no persecution. Would you force your daughter/wife/friend to carry an unwanted/defective fetus to term? Who raises it? Who pays? Already too many unwanted abused kids.

Chris Molnar letter: Kudos to the Kingman VA clinic – Chris Molnar, I agree the VA did a great job with the vaccine as nurses were great, ran five people every 15 minutes, and in and out fast and easy. Thanks, local VA clinic.

Nancy Rembolt obituary – Pop up ads are not cool when you’re trying to read an obituary of a beloved aunt. It obliterates the story.

Fear mongers – It’s a shame that we elect politicians in a victim mentality based on their skillful exploitations of our fears, not because these people actually make policy that could change circumstances for the better and address the causes of those fears.

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