Rants and Raves | April 7, 2021

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State Senate revokes mask mandate – Be smart. We are so close to beating COVID-19. Don’t let politics and conspiracy theories influence your decisions regarding your health and safety, and the health and safety of your loved ones. Listen to the medical professionals!

Joe Biden’s dog rant – Anyone who feels compelled to bring up “Biden’s pampered dog pooping on White House floor” here probably needs to get a life, and maybe turn off the Faux News.

Why all the out-of-state license plates here? They don’t obey traffic laws, are rude, and seem to think they can do what they want without regard for others. We don’t need or want those people in our town.

When is the Kingman Police Department going to start enforcing the laws regarding cellphone use while driving. I am a local delivery driver and constantly see drivers, especially out-of-state license plate vehicles, still using their phone while driving.

Biden lovers – What planet are you on? Obviously you haven’t been to the grocery store or purchased gas lately. The border states are being overrun with no end in sight. We need a secure border, and you people need to get a grip.

Biden touts huge infrastructure plan to ‘win the future’ – What if you don’t want a windmill and solar panels in your yard? You must comply anyway? What a sad, sick, pathetic little man Biden is, touting his “cabinet looks like America.” Not their experience or skills; always sex and color.

The United States of America is not racist. This name calling is a seditious Democratic ploy to divide and conquer. Don’t fall for their perfidy.

Over 55% of Americans support infrastructure improvements with tax increases on corporations and Americans making more than $400,000. This will bring millions of needed jobs, yet Republicans are fighting this bill. U.S. infrastructure is falling apart.

COVID-19 was the third-leading cause of death of Americans in 2020. I guess it wasn’t a hoax after all, but people are still not wearing masks.

William Ressegue letter: Let’s return to free market capitalism – The rich Republican and Democrat fat-cats are in control and they would never let us have free market capitalism. Greed is the name of the American political game and the average citizen need not apply to play.

Lynda Thompson Community View: Kingman traffic jam fix not fast enough for reader – Couldn’t agree more. Coming through this intersection going west, I only wanted to turn into Wendy’s for lunch, and ended up making a U-turn clear out in Golden Valley an hour later. And those I-40 potholes are tire-breakers.

Political extremism is harming our country. Most people are in the middle and can consider points of view of the right and left. These are the people who should be leading us. We should respect our fellow Americans.

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