Kingman Diet tip of the week: No such thing as ‘too busy’

Eunice Mesick

Eunice Mesick

Hi, this is Eunice from Diet Center.

Many people have daily routines in which fitting in exercise does not seem possible.

In a busy lifestyle, convenience is key. Various exercises can be convenient enough for even the busiest lifestyles. Before you try to establish a routine, avoid making excuses to find time for exercise. This will help you become determined and motivated to find ways to fit exercise into your day.

What can be more convenient than having access to exercise equipment at home? Using expensive, fancy equipment is not necessary. Dumbbells, stretch bands, medicine balls and exercise videos are inexpensive items to invest in. You can walk up and down a staircase or lean against a wall for resistance exercises.

Maybe blocking out 30 minutes of your day throws off your schedule too much. Try looking for 10-to-20-minute pockets of time. For example, when you’re simmering soup on the stove, baking a casserole or waiting for a load of laundry to finish, you can complete a few repetitions with hand weights. In shorter periods of time between errands, try to squeeze in push-ups or sit-ups. You can exercise as you watch television or spend time with children doing physical activities like bicycling, hiking or playing ball.

Finding the time for exercise is possible. There are many ways to make exercise convenient so that it doesn’t disrupt your day and it’s easy to stick to.

What if I am too old or out of shape to exercise? If quite a bit of time has passed since you have exercised you might consult your physician before starting an exercise routine, but gentle exercises can be effective in getting your body in shape.

You don’t have to push yourself to the point of feeling pain in order to benefit from exercise. In fact, pushing yourself too hard may cause injury. It’s wise to focus on effective, but gentler exercises, especially in our 40s and up. By the time we’ve hit our 40s, our joints have been through years of work. Low-impact exercises will not put excess strain on our joints.

Some low-impact exercises that are effective in burning fat and calories include walking, aerobics and using stationary bicycles or elliptical trainers. If you still wish to continue more intense exercises (such as running) try to cut back on the frequency. Consider running every other day, alternating with walking or biking on days in between.

Physical activity is essential for a healthy body. However, your body needs time to recover from sessions. With time and age, it may be more beneficial to participate in gentle, low-impact exercises. Such exercises put less strain on our bodies yet are effective in boosting metabolism.

Thank you for reading Diet Center’s tip of the week.

If you’re exercising but are still struggling with weight loss let Diet Center help. Call me at 928-753-5066 or stop by 1848 Hope Ave. in Kingman.

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