Rants and Raves | April 9, 2021

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Dick Polman column: This time infrastructure week is for real – YES! Let’s get behind President Biden and get this country moving again! There is nothing partisan about rebuilding infrastructure, or there wasn’t until McConnell decided to obstruct every good piece of legislation Biden tries to get done.

Potholes rant – I agree with the rant about potholes on the highway. Regina Cobb, could you please advocate for this being improved?

Biden’s infrastructure plan – This country needs investment in infrastructure and it needs the jobs that that investment will produce. Let your Congress people and senators know you want this country to move on from this ridiculous partisan blockage of every vote-worthy bill.

Arizona cases rising while deaths slow – We know the pattern – rising cases, then deaths weeks later. Please continue medical best practices before we see a variant arise that is vaccine resistant or more deadly. Mask, distance, wash hands, get vaccinated.

Migrants freed with no paperwork, no court dates – Nineteen thousand unaccompanied illegal minors now here, highest since 2006. Two radical terrorists on watch list picked up at border. Fort Bliss silence ordered; don’t divulge thousands now on largest Army installation. This feeble-minded Biden is destroying our country. Not OK!

Mohave County patient in 20s dies from COVID-19 – This is no time to be cavalier with the lives of others. Please follow CDC guidelines – mask, wash your hands, distance yourself, avoid large crowds, and get vaccinated. We don’t need to court death and suffering.

Letter: Let’s regulate guns like cars – We already have plenty of correct gun laws. Libs know it and refuse to ever talk about how many lives are saved annually by being a gun owner. Creepy Biden is going after our guns with pen in hand.

Does everyone realize that more people are killed each year with hammers than AR-15s.

I feel gratitude for the vaccine and that our country has given the most vaccines. I appreciate the scientists and everyone who has worked to make this happen.

The price of gas is determined by the free market, supply and demand. Be thankful the economy is becoming active again. Be thankful you do not live in a country that sets the gas prices.

I understand some parents are uncomfortable with the school teaching students about reproduction and menstruation. I hope they will be allowed to teach what consent means to both male and female teens.

McConnell warns corporations to “stay out of politics” – By all means, McConnell, warn those CEOs to stay out of politics. You decide new voting laws, for sure. Making it against the law to bring food or water to voters waiting in line makes so much sense.

Gov. Ducey signs COVID-19 liability shield bill – Long-term care facilities should not be shielded from liability. There have been many across Arizona that engaged in negligent practices which directly caused many of their residents to sicken and die. They need to be held accountable.

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