Rants and Raves | April 11, 2021

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My reaction to the so-called “apologies” by the Capitol Hill rioters: “Too little, too late.”

Biden making new moves on guns – Biden and Harris are an embarrassment. This gun thing is to deflect the chaos on the border Biden caused. People who senselessly kill with guns don’t obey laws or rules. What they need is a heart change. Try Jesus.

COVID-19 vaccinations: For our country to beat this virus the vast majority need to get vaccinated. The current vaccines are proven safe and effective. They do not contain poison. Please get vaccinated for the good of us all.

Rant stating you can legally fire a handgun from inside a purse – Bad advice. Don’t try this with a semi-auto pistol. Legal in your purse? With some exceptions, unless you’re a felon. Why not just stay alert.

U.K. mourns Prince Philip – One of the royals I loved, along with the love of his life, the queen. What? Biden has said nothing yet? If true, no surprise. Philip, God must be saying you’re a good and faithful servant. Rest in peace. You earned it.

Pot shops should display information about addiction and how marijuana can affect driving. It should also include with purchases how long the drug stays in your system so people can plan accordingly.

Policy changes help drive migrant crossings – So where did these people get $6,000 and $27,000 to pay smugglers? Why not buy a car and drive? And it’s worth it to split the family up, possibly to never see each other again? Who sends children alone? Weird!

Biden haters – Prices going up? It’s called capitalism. Immigrant minors entering our borders? It’s called compassion, like every other president allowed prior to Trump. Move on and stop blaming Biden for everything you don’t like. You need to get a grip, please.

Biden making new moves on guns – The Democrats are right on economic issues. These issues are making people angry and mentally unstable leading to gun violence. Gun regulation is just a wedge issue used by both sides to distract and delay fixing the corrupt economic system.

Ducey signs bill to preempt federal gun laws – What’s your solution Gov. Ducey? Oh, right the NRA and the Republicans want everyone to have a gun and may the best shot win. Sad we live in the 21st century with leaders living in the old West.

Policy changes help drive migrant crossings – Isn’t Joe’s 100 days up? Prediction: Republicans take the House/Senate in 2024; legally elect Trump Speaker, then successfully impeach Biden/Harris for fraudulent wins. Speaker Trump again becomes President Trump and again straightens out the border. Works for me.

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