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Sat, Jan. 22

Community View | Homestead bill is a Trojan horse

Emergency legislative action needed. This is political. Every Realtor, mortgage broker, homeowner, parent and neighbor needs to act now. Vote HB2617 Homestead bill down. Please.

This is a step backwards that will afflict our citizens, our elderly, our families who need the help and protection the most. It gives creditors the right to take your equity if you refinance, or maybe sell. Those who seek bankruptcy protection or just safety from collections and the big lenders are hurting now more than ever. These entities all have factored in their losses and we have paid for that. I pay for that out of my bills.

Did any one of these collectors ever give thanks or appreciation? Do they have a vote, or just a paid lobbyist? Do you think that these poorest of the poor really intended to get here? Where is the real solution – mandatory high school courses and college courses on financing, fiscal responsibility, etc.?

I am a conservative fiscal person, and I see my neighbors, fellow citizens and their families suffer. These are your friends, neighbors, customers. Make your voice heard.

HB2617 will destroy your homestead protection if you sell or refinance; your ability to keep the home or get monies you need to protect your family or that your parents will need as they downsize will be gone. The so-called increase of protection is a Trojan horse.

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(Mark Sippel is an attorney in Kingman.)

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