Rants and Raves | April 14, 2021

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Michael Reagan column: Jim Crow on Steroids? C’mon man! – Micheal Reagan, you c’mon man! You earn a fine living stirring up division and supporting the very systems that want to suppress voting and real freedoms! Your dad, Ronald, would be ashamed!

Biden’s budget seeks more for schools, healthcare and housing – It’s wonderful to see a budget put forth by our President Biden that focuses on the needs of working class Americans and not the wealthy! The naysayers will find fault, for sure, but I, for one, am applauding his efforts!

Feral cats – Why do you people continue to feed these feral cats? Don’t you know they multiply like flies and leave feces and destroy property? Wise up, fools. A fine should be given to these idiots.

I should pour the grease from the bacon on the newspaper and eat that – the paper is thicker. And they have the gall to charge us more for less, from 16 ounces to 12 ounces. Ripoff, big time!

Reply to pot shops rant – As long as every establishment that sells alcohol does the same. I have had an alcohol addiction and I’ll testify marijuana has been a blessing for me. Alcohol is the real killer and destroyer of lives, not pot. Open your mind.

Trump directing Secret Service to guard his four adult children and two of their spouses. Why should we have to pay for this? They’re supposed to be rich. Let them pay for their own security.

Glad to hear (Mohave County) public health employees will receive a pay increase. We all owe these people a debt of gratitude and pay should be competitive with the private sector. Thank you, (Public Health Director) Denise (Burley) and everyone for all your hard work.

Gaetz stays on judiciary panel despite investigation – Gaetz has been made out to be some young woman chaser. Actually, he’s middle aged, from a very reputable, hard-working family. When his “legal” Cuban girlfriend died of breast cancer, Gaetz has raised her brother as a father.

Georgia election law rant – The Georgia law prevents partisans from giving water to voters while trying to influence their votes. Quit getting your “facts” from Biden’s lies.

One of the best things about Rants and Raves is the wild imaginations of people on this site. Yeah, let Trump come back as Speaker of the House. Then he can blabber about himself some more. Live in the real world.

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