Rants and Raves | April 16, 2021

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Biden says putting hold on J&J shots shows safety – Wrong again, Joe. By comparison, less than a dozen “problem” shots out of 7 million? Then you need to ban diabetes shots and many, many others, too.

After a 1-year hiatus, preparations are underway for planting at Dig-It Kingman Community Garden’s Children’s Garden – Thank you to Andrea Penn and all volunteers for the awesome Dig-It Kingman Community Garden’s Children’s Garden event on April 7. It was an outstanding family fun event, perfect for our kids and community. Thank you so much!

The so-called infrastructure bill only allocates 5% for actual infrastructure issues such as roads and bridges. The rest is another massive pork payback to the Green New Deal supporters. Taxpayers are getting ripped off again.

Matt Gaetz rave – Matt Gaetz is a narcissist and a spoiled multi-millionaire elitist brat. If you think he’s a good guy from a hard-working family just wait, but I’m sure you won’t believe anything you don’t want to, despite evidence. Delusional!

Can we please stop the BS about the election being rigged and fraudulent claims. The election is long over and Trump lost, period. If you don’t like the present situation move on and vote in 2024.

To the person claiming more are killed by hammers than AR-15s, that’s doubtful. But even if true, the purpose of a hammer is to put nails into suitable materials. The only purpose of an AR-15 is to kill people.

Ducey signs bill to preempt federal gun laws – Damned right, Ducey’s law “to prohibit police and sheriffs from enforcing federal gun laws that violate the 2nd Amendment” is unconstitutional. The only ones who can issue such laws are federal courts, the Supreme Court or the U.S. Congress.

While I agree to care given to migrants, especially the children, we have people in Arizona who have worked and paid taxes, and they should have a place to live. They can’t get jobs if they don’t have a place.

Tucson to house asylum seekers, migrants at city hotels – We’re putting immigrants in hotels, while our own live on the streets. When do Americans come first?

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