Rants and Raves | April 18, 2021

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Gary Trudeau, in Doonesbury, tells the truth about Trump, worst president in history. Hooray for the man with the guts to tell it like it is.

Arizona Senate will conduct audit at state fairgrounds – They’re lucky to find a facility that isn’t filled with illegal migrants.

AZDFG conducting aerial gunning of coyotes – I’ve always been aware of and opposed to aerial shooting of coyotes for numerous reasons. For instance, the mother coyote is shot, leaving her pups to starve to death, usually four to seven of them. They’re expendable, like so many unborn babies, but pronghorns aren’t?

U.S. jobless claims plunge – Not quite what the story says but again, it’s the AP writing. Many live on Joe’s unemployment payments so why look for work? You might have noticed also, everything is now higher priced; goods in Walmart, gas, everything. That’s Joe, too.

Russian sanctions – It’s about time we sanctioned Russia for their involvement in 2016 and 2020 election interference. It should have been done the last four years but puppet Trump wouldn’t do anything.

High court halts California virus rules limiting home worship services – Didn’t think I’d live long enough to see state mandates against home worship but the whole world can come through our southern border with their own diseases and religions. Already, elementary school is being taught anti-Christianity in America as fact.

Group to study more justices, term limits for high court – Every now and then, punchy Pelosi swerves into the truth. She says no to packing the high court and no, she will not allow it to be brought up. Remember when sleepy Joe opposed this, before he didn’t?

U.S. to keep migrant families in Phoenix hotels – The goal of the left is power, inundate us with third-world country people who will vote Democrat, destroy our Christian foundation and no Republican ever gets elected again. Pack the courts, give D.C. statehood, whatever it takes.

U.S. to keep migrant families in Phoenix hotels – Biden’s handlers care nothing about these migrants or real citizens. Their goal: Make true Americans the minority (see Minnesota). Convince the uninformed that Republicans are racists, push fake white supremacy, stomp out Christianity.

Pot shop rant – It would be wonderful if there was full disclosure when purchasing alcohol, pot and over-the-counter medications that this substance may cause driving to be affected, and if you are pregnant check with your doctor before consuming them.

Republicans don’t want government overreach yet they’ll interfere with parents getting medical care for their transgender children. Practice what you preach.

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