Rants and Raves | April 21, 2021

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Kingman Republican Women learn how to combat socialism – Republican women met recently to hear about the evils of socialism. Freeways, libraries and Social Security are socialism. Why do Republicans live in fear of everything?

Kingman Republican Women learn how to combat socialism – Social Security is a socialist program, so I’m certain that all Republicans against socialism will be returning their Social Security checks.

Sex education law change – It is a parent’s place to teach a child about sex. Everyone is biased to one degree or another. Try to approach it with an open mind. Who am I to tell someone who to be?

Ducey signs bill to legalize sports betting in Arizona – Gov. Ducey legalizing sports betting is unfortunate. Gambling leads to the breakdown of the family. Gov. Ducey does not represent family values and is opening the door for organized crime to get a footing.

Ever hear the one about the island that got rid of all the cats? It was overrun with rodents eating everything in sight. The feral cats keep hordes of rodents from eating your car’s electronics, plants, etc.

I don’t understand why this city is so anti-recycling? Several times we’ve experimented with home pickup of recycled material and every time the city decides it isn’t worth the expense. So we continue to let tons of aluminum, paper and plastic fill up our landfills.

Michael Regan column: Viva Las Vegas ... almost – Once again a misleading rant on why we must wear masks to eat in a Vegas casino, attacking Dr. Fauci and then waiting for a taxi or Uber because they’re all on unemployment? These lies fuel more disinformation and hate. Truth is 570,000 dead Americans; contractors don’t get unemployment.

All the hateful anti-immigrant rants here have me convinced that perhaps white people are an evolutionary accident that will end due to extinction-by-ignorance fairly soon.

Haven’t seen any evidence that Matt Gaetz is guilty of anything. Delusional is believing the Russia hoax lies and the Mueller farce investigation which produced nothing.

Biden’s first budget seeks more for schools, health care – AP says “one of Trump’s few success stories?” Trump’s success stories are endless. Here’s one. He stopped the heinous practice of experimenting on freshly aborted baby parts, purchased by our government. Biden/Harris/pro-abortion crazy HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra are bringing it back.

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