Rants and Raves | April 23, 2021

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Border ‘crisis’: Mohave County Supervisors approve resolution asking Gov. Doug Ducey to intervene at the border – The supervisors are more worried about immigrants. You use our county’s meager resources on them instead of us citizens. You dropped the ball in not enforcing mask wearing and distancing during a pandemic! If we could only sue you.

Border ‘crisis’: Mohave County Supervisors approve resolution asking Gov. Doug Ducey to intervene at the border – Thank you Mohave County Supervisors! Much appreciated.

Border ‘crisis’: Mohave County Supervisors approve resolution asking Gov. Doug Ducey to intervene at the border – This is just a cheap ploy by GOP Republicans in Arizona and the U.S. in general to generate chaos and opposition to an administration that is seriously working to resolve the immigrant issue. Grow up, get real, get a life.

CDC recommends masks continue to be worn in school facilities, yet Gov. Ducey just lifted mask mandate for schools. No wonder Arizona can’t get ahead of this virus with officials like Ducey.

Vaccine milestone: Biden pushes shots for all – Due to premature reopening, cases are starting to rise again and deaths with them. The vaccines are way safer than your chances should you get COVID-19 - do YOUR part - get vaccinated and continue masking and distancing.

Save the landfills – Kingman Clean City Commission is spitting in the wind with proposed outreach and education program for the public. You’re not going to change corporate packaging. State law says: Cities and counties must provide recycling opportunities. Let’s get to work.

Arizona governor sending National Guard troops to southern border – This action is pure political posturing. This is a crisis, a crisis of fear mongering, with no true constructive purpose. The governor knows it! This is an attempt to smear and undermine the president right out of the gate.

Mohave County reports 9 more COVID-19 deaths – We see the resurgence of this killer in Europe, Asia and some U.S. states. Why do we not learn from what is evident? Masking, distancing, handwashing, limited social gatherings and vaccination are critically necessary to ward off another surge!

Trump lost. A sane person is doing the job now. I’m sorry to the Trumplicans living in such fear and loathing they cling to such a failure of a human being. Successful leaders bring people together, not divide to conquer.

Floyd Case: Ex-Cop Guilty – Media and politicians tout this as a racial issue and keep fueling the fire. Race not mentioned during trial. Things would calm if media would quit pushing the race card.

Louis Vega is my favorite columnist at the Miner. He makes geology fun and I look forward to reading all of his stories.

Ducey sending National Guard to border – Hey, Raul Grijalva. So we can give better care to unaccompanied minors? Like that is our responsibility? And on our dime? How about the parents of these poor children be found and jailed for sending their children unaccompanied.

Floyd Case: Ex-Cop Guilty – Biden’s pushing through the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act? Floyd didn’t deserve to die; however was no paragon of virture. As long as Biden/Harris push the fake narrative of systemic racism, rioting will continue. Thanks, Joe.

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