Rants and Raves | April 25, 2021

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Supervisors approve resolution asking Gov. Ducey to intervene at border – Hell yes, sending your child alone on a 2,700 mile trek is abusive! Yes, conditions suck for kids in these countries, but you surely don’t send your kids out on their own with a good luck note.

Nyaira Givens, a teenaged black girl, was just stabbed to death in Cincinnati. Too bad there wasn’t a cop there to save her life. What about her, libs? Does her life matter? Does Black Lives Matter have anything to say?

The Democrats have decided that if children want to knife fight and kill each other it’s OK as long as the cops don’t intervene. How much crazier is it going to get before an adult steps in and spanks them?

It saddens me to see the loss of reasonableness becoming epidemic in our country. It frightens me to think that this epidemic may never end.

So some liberal zombie thinks China Joe Biden is sane? Go down to the border and see just how sane that is going. Murders are spiking in every major city in the country. Get off CNN, zombie!

Trump has proved you don’t have to be poor to be white trash. Now the Republican Party is the party of dumb hicks. I’m white and like guns, but I don’t like these morons.

Why are the Democrats doing everything possible to destroy a country that gave them the opportunity to gain so much? They are the apex of ignorance and stupidity!

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