Rants and Raves | April 28, 2021

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Mohave County experiencing an uptick in COVID deaths and cases – I ‘m urging local residents to continue or begin to mask, maintain distance from others, avoid large gatherings and events, particularly indoors, and get vaccinated. We can save lives and eradicate COVID-19 if we all do our part!

Hitting another vaccine milestone, Biden pushes vaccine for all – President Biden is doing a fabulous job attacking COVID-19. It is sad to see us grappling with resistance to what we must do.

Dems see racism everywhere it isn’t – Thank you, Micheal Reagan. Finally a voice of reason! So many accusations in our world, many without substance.

Dems see racism everywhere it isn’t – And Michael Reagan, a man who built his writing career on expressing right-wing rhetoric, lies, conspiracy theories and fear mongering, knows about racism? Right. Columnists like him earn a fortune spreading hate and division, pushing a backward white nationalist agenda.

Luis Vega’s geology articles are fascinating, intriguing and educational, as well as being fun to read. Learning about our local geology is learning the history of our specific locale here on Earth. Keep up the good work.

My son spent several days at Kingman Regional Medical Center last week after an accident. I just wanted to thank the nursing staff for the excellent care.

Last two trips to new Safeway, they were not enforcing mask wearing. At checkout I pointed out all the people walking by without masks. People behind me copped an attitude because I asked about masks.

Supervisors approve resolution asking Ducey to intervene at border - The supervisors are worried about immigrants. They use our meager resources on them instead of us citizens. You dropped the ball in not enforcing mask wearing and distancing during a pandemic! If we could only sue you.

Letter: Socialism defined – Sitting on your behind and expecting to be paid by the government is socialism. Too many Republicans and Democrats practice this.

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