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Sat, May 21

Letter | Democrats are the treasonous party

The leadership of the Mohave County Democrats wants to talk about treason so let's do that.

Choosing not to enforce the laws regarding the southern border is treason. Our vice president asking for donations to a bail fund for rioters and looters while the FBI keeps people in solitary confinement with no bail is treason. Remaining silent while the teachers’ unions push critical race theory in schools because they are some of your biggest political contributors is treason.

Allowing the secretary of defense to push critical race theory in the military is treason. Trying to pass bills HR1 and SB1 to take over elections from the states in a direct attack on the Constitution is treason. Turning this country into a communist country is treason.

The list keeps growing under this corrupt administration. But the Democrats continue to be selective about their definition of treason. No use calling this organization democratic because their agenda has nothing to do with democracy.

Mary Miner


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