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Rants and Raves | August 6, 2021

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Gun shows suspended at Mohave County Fairgrounds – I thought “yes,” finally, responsibility in the midst of the delta (COVID-19) variant. But alas, read the article, the shows are suspended for “a gun accidently going off.” Should have known it was too good to be true.

If two Phoenix school districts can mandate masks, Kingman Unified School District should be doing the same. Mohave County Public Health Director Denise Burley has stated that Mohave County has highest COVID-19 rate in Arizona.

I often read in “rants and raves” of people concerned about the “Adoption Spotlight” and photographs of minors. Without the “Adoption Spotlight,” I don’t think I nor most of you would even think about these orphaned, abused, etc., children.

Mohave County Supervisors wary of accepting COVID Health Disparities grant – (Mohave County Supervisor Ron) Gould is laughable. If Biden coerced anyone he’d line’em up. Personal responsibility is a joke for Republicans. They would rather cry hoax and conspiracy than follow scientists and end the pandemic.

Mohave County Supervisors wary of accepting COVID Health Disparities grant – I can’t believe our supervisors are seriously considering not accepting federal funds to enhance our health services. Their rationale is mind-boggling.

I got my COVID-19 innoculations, wore my mask, and stayed healthy. Good for me, right? The delta COVID-19 variant didn’t care and I’m the sickest I’ve been in years. This disease isn’t done yet, folks. Please mask up.

Attack on the U.S. Capitol – Why, if a group of people break into a business and one of them kills someone, they all get charged with murder, but if a group of traitors attack the Capitol and kill police, no one is charged with murder?

If “personal accountability” effectively reduced public risk, signs wouldn’t be needed on Stockton Hill Road to reduce speeding, inattention and impatience. Reliance on personal accountability maintains the pandemic. Supervisors: Define personal accountability. Is it permitting the death of innocent Mohave County residents?

What has Kingman become? – My young grandson was horribly mauled after a dog chased him in the street. And my 10-year-old tried watering a neighbor’s thirsty dog which got his head in its jaws. End result – nearly 200 stitches including lips. Horrible.

The Jan. 6 insurrection was horrible and unacceptable, but so were the Black Lives Matter riots that ruined cities, businesses and people’s lives that took place all over the country all summer long.

Children stopped at border likely hit new high in July – The Constitution says “the U.S. shall guarantee to every state in this union a Republican form of government and shall protect each of them against invasion. Amen!

Children stopped at border likely hit new high in July – Where in our founding documents does it give the president the power to simply open our borders to the world? Nowhere! It does lay out an orderly plan to come here legally. Raise hell! Write! March! Call your congressmen and senators now.

Mohave County logs 179 new COVID-19 cases – If people do not stand up and do their part, we’ll have another year of suffering, deaths and economic disaster. The public is being dangerously duped! No one has died from the vaccine, but many have died from COVID-19!

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