Rants and Raves | August 8, 2021

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I got my COVID-19 innoculations, wore my mask rant – You wore a mask, and you still got the delta variant? Now you want me to wear a mask? Love the logic.

Dawn Pisturino letter: County Democratic Central Committee sign laughable – So glad you said this was your “opinion.” If these are truths you need to prove them. Otherwise, it just sounds like you want to condemn. Your letter does nothing to help the cause of unity in our country.

High gasoline prices – Price gouging is legal in Arizona, but it’s a shame for businesses to get what the market will bear! But price-fixing is a crime nationwide, and it appears that is what is happening in Kingman. Elected officials need to make it right. (Editor’s note: Local elected officials have no control over the prices that businesses charge.)

The news is slammed with COVID-19 and (New York Governor) Andrew Cuomo. I wonder just what story the media is trying to distract us from? Could it be the audit?

If Phoenix school districts can mandate masks, Kingman Unified School District should be doing the same. The Mohave County public health director has stated that Mohave County has the highest COVID rate in Arizona.

Mohave County Supervisors wary of accepting COVID Health Disparities grant – The BOS consists of some who are simply paranoid about government. Get over it! The tremendous burden being placed on our public health department is overwhelming. And yet you deny an offer to help. What is wrong with you?

Mohave County lawmakers focus on ballot integrity during legislative update – Laughable these three lawmakers would focus on election integrity. Claiming voter fraud without verifiable evidence while staging a bogus audit is not exactly a shining example of honest uprightness and strong moral integrity.

In the military you receive multiple vaccines, and you do to attend public schools as well. That’s not violating anybody’s rights, yet over 619,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 and we don’t mandate vaccination. Something is very wrong.

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