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Thu, Sept. 16

Letter | Restaurants need to clean up their acts

As our state continues to open and public services such as restaurants and stores are hiring for help, we have noticed that the new hires are lacking in proper training by their managers, and wanting to do a good job is far from their minds.

In our eagerness to getting back to normal, we have been going out to eat and have noticed a lack of cleanliness in most of the restaurants we have visited and an attitude of "If you don't like it, go somewhere else."

On visiting one of our local smorgasbord places, the sticky counter actually got stuck to my shirt! On closer observation, this stickiness and other stuff was running all the way to the floor and looked like it hadn't been cleaned in awhile!

I brought it to the manager’s attention and was met with: “OK, thanks for letting us know."

We couldn’t eat there anymore. We left. This is so sad because we have been locked down for so long. We were looking forward to eating out. Poor management; dirty and smelly restaurants; worn-out carpets, filthy bathrooms and the lack of clean tables has been a disappointing experience.

Needless to say, it's back to eating at home where I know my table and bathrooms are clean and the food is fresh. Maybe we'll try again in another six months. We should be back to normal by then, don't you think?

Sally Morisset

Golden Valley

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