Rants and Raves | August 13, 2021

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Miner Editorial: Fast and foolish driving is taking a terrible toll – Take a look at Stockton Hill during rush hour and you’ll see one reason for accidents: inadequate road capacity. Then there’s the intentional deferred maintenance that causes unsafe road surfaces citywide. Additional lanes and proper road maintenance will reduce accidents.

Gasoline prices in Kingman are at least 20% higher than other localities in our area because of price-fixing. This is a crime and should be looked into with an investigation initiated by our representatives.

Kingman high gas prices – Maybe it’s time to ditch the gas car and look at electric Chevy Volt ($30,000) or ElectraMeccanica Solo ($19,000). Never need to buy gas again for daily trips around town.

Havasu boy gets new legs – What a beautiful little boy and what a terrible thing he’s gone through. Many prayers for you and family coming your way. May the rest of your life be blessed.

Vaccines in the military – I’m in my 70s. Our generation and our children’s generation had to prove you were vaccinated to enter school. In the military, you had no choice. The same should go today including the COVID-19 vaccination. Vaccines protect everyone and save lives.

Mohave County only has about 32% fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Public health officials aren’t doing enough.

Roe v Wade rant – Abortion is a private choice and no one takes it lightly. Others do not get a choice on how women make this decision. Mind your business and quit judging others.

God bless all of our children during this perilous pandemic. God bless everyone who is protecting their health.

U.S. Senate approves $1 trillion infrastructure bill – It’s beyond belief the electric car plan due to Biden’s wrong belief in climate change. There’s no such thing as global warming happening. For God’s sake, can’t anyone study the truth behind this lie?

Bask in the glory of Cuomo’s well deserved fall from grace! Just remember how many women came forward against Trump.

Any person who runs for political office including U.S. President should have to show their income taxes. This should be law to avoid ethics issues.

Help and Health for Rural Communities – In the past year, the only Mohave County Supervisor I have seen actually looking out for the health and safety of residents is Jean Bishop! Thank you, Jean, for all you do!

Miles: Kingman seeks economic stability – The best way to gain economic stability is to stand together and fight the spread of this virus. Until the public does their part, and the dividers stop spreading conspiracy theories, we cannot contain this new variant, nor move forward.

E.G. Ward letter: Do your part to push COVID-19 out of existence – I agree wholeheartedly!

Can anybody recommend a church in town that doesn’t participate in political partisanship from the pulpit?

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