Rants and Raves | August 15, 2021

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“Can anybody recommend a church in town that doesn’t participate in partisanship” rant – Can anyone recommend a church that does participate in politics from the pulpit? After all, our Founding Fathers, after Sunday church, practiced marching with rifles outside the church in preparation for war. We so need more Christians like them.

Sally Morisset letter: Restaurants need to clean up their acts – It isn’t just restaurants. It’s garbage inside yards, on the streets, etc. We no longer seem to take pride in our country anywhere. I noticed the front of a Circle K here is filthy – cigarette butts, cans, filthy cement.

Facebook rolls out a prayer tool – Love the idea and if Pastor Jeffries, who I totally admire, is for it, I am, too. Sadly, many children of today never see the inside of a church. Same for many elderly who may no longer drive. This works.

Ken Winchell letter: Stop trying to save people from themselves – The fentanyl problem has been going on for years. What does the current administration have to do with it? It was just as bad in the prior administration. Blaming the current administration for everything is just wrong.

If you want to see where this country is headed read “1984” by George Orwell. You will see the parallels between the current policies which aim to control everything you do and the book. Big Brother is watching you!

Kimball Shinkoskey letter: Time to force folks to change their behavior – Well said. Why should responsible, caring, law abiding citizens be punished (yes, punished) and inconvenienced because of anti-vaccine people? We want to go to concerts, sports and other venues. Our constitutional rights (“in pursuit of happiness”) are being violated.

E.G. Ward letter: Do you part to push COVID-19 out of existence – Thank you to the 79-year old letter writer. There are some intelligent old folks still left.

Docs urge masks in schools – Oh, what do doctors know? Please listen to those more qualified – an ice cream entrepreneur turned governor!

So those not wishing vaccination may have “antibody infusion therapy.” The vast majority of these irresponsible citizens have chosen to endanger our youths and others because they follow the politicization of COVID. Make it simple and get vaccinated.

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