Rants and Raves | August 18, 2021

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The graffiti is getting ridiculous in some areas. It’s time for the city and county to institute hotlines and removal programs.

A big “thank you” to the couple who stopped on Southern Avenue to help push our truck to our house on Mountain Trail Saturday night. Also to the two men who came out of their house to help. You all are amazing.

Taliban sweeps Into Afghan capitol – Trump’s plan was to take all our equipment out of Afghanistan, take all those that helped us out to safety, leave nothing for the Taliban and only then, start moving our troops out. And he threatened any Taliban bad behavior.

Taliban sweeps Into Afghan capitol – The Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan is not the fault of Biden or any other American. The loss is the total failure of its own army as they were fully trained but coward under pressure. We could not stay any longer.

13 dead, 133 more infected with COVID in Mohave County – Get a grip, people! This virus, killing unvaccinated and younger victims, is spreading. No amount of false bravado, conspiracy theories or prayer can help. God helps those who help themselves and love their neighbors. Get the vaccine and mask.

Virus surge taxing KRMC – Thank you for printing the truth about Kingman’s COVID cases. My sister, a Kingman resident, is in complete denial regarding vaccines, the pandemic, etc. Hopefully articles such as these will help her and hundreds more like her.

Susan Galloway letter: What if it was a small child? – It’s not illegal for a dog to attack someone. Dogs don’t understand laws. They’re dogs. That’s what civil suits are for. The dog’s owner is liable for medical costs.

Why isn’t the Mohave County Board of Supervisors using some of the COVID money they received to educate county residents about COVID vaccines?

Heartfelt thanks to Kingman Regional Medical Center staff. You are angels. It must be difficult to know many of these illnesses and deaths were preventable if more community members had done their part and got a vaccine and wore masks.

Kingman Mayor Jen Miles tells Republican Forum she intends to run again – I stand with Jen Miles, as she stood for the lives of the vulnerable in our community! She has true leadership skills and the courage and heart to go with them!

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