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Sat, Jan. 29

Community View | Socialism amounts to collective slavery

The photo of a man holding a sign in the Miami Herald which says, “Housing is a human right!” was the final push I needed to stop my own selfish pursuit of happiness ( I am trying to make extra money on the weekends due to working full-time during the week) to take action against the destructive, Socialist rhetoric which, as an American I find offensive, and as a freedom-loving human, I know to be dangerous.

Anything which costs money, i.e., the labor/time of others, is not a human right.

Each of us humans must decide how we are going to spend the limited resource called Our Life. A rational person will either learn how to grow the food and dig a well to get the sustenance their body requires, or they will sell their time (a piece of their life) to someone else (an employer) in exchange for currency to purchase the sustenance they need.

The labor a person engages in and the money they receive for that labor are synonymous with their life; they are the same thing. Literally, your money is your life.

When someone advocates that they have a right to the proceeds of someone else’s labor, whether it’s their currency (see compulsory taxation) or the material things purchased from their labor, like a rental property, they are advocating they have a right to that person’s life.

Fortunately, that is not the ideal upon which this country was founded. The great experiment called The United States was that it was based on individual freedom, not collective slavery as socialism is.

(Wendy Gunter is a resident of Bullhead City.)

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