Rants and Raves | August 27, 2021

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KUSD School Board Meeting – I am seriously happy to be in Arizona and have a school board that is using common sense to deal with this situation and keep our kids safe and in school. I’m a grateful parent of a Lee Williams High School student. Thanks.

The administration of Naloxone – Overdose is not a disease; it’s a lifestyle choice. I broke my back in four places and have lived with the pain for the past 55 years. I’m still here without benefit of Naxolone. Get help before you need help.

Afghanistan was a Republican war started by the neocons for profit and geopolitical domination. Trump said he would stop it but lied for fear of yet another failure under his administration. Republicans did this! Biden had the guts to end it!

This town has shot itself in the foot with the austerity gun. The future and regulation scares conservatives so everything is half-baked and short-sighted which decreases functionality and value in the mid-to-long-term. Not intelligent. Cheap.

American culture is driving people insane. The current model has destroyed joy that should be present in life. Look into the eyes; examine the faces of your community members. Majority are plagued by fear and misery in the greatest nation ever.

Search for Civility: Mohave County Supervisors address meeting decorum – Of course, the two dissenting votes came from Angius and Gould. After all, it’s mostly their friends who show up at meetings using “call to the public” as an excuse to spew their hate and insults while calling themselves “patriots.”

Gaetz from Florida and Taylor Greene from Georgia go all over the country spouting propaganda, taking $5 at a time from poor people like carnival barkers. Shouldn’t they be working in their districts to solve problems?

Get a history degree and figure it out for yourself – We had an older-than-dirt, career, elite politician and an older-than-dirt elite sociopath billionaire career salesman to choose from in 2020. This is not a democracy, kids, this is an oligarchy disguised as a democracy.

GOP regional leaders talk at Havasu – This event provides a false and unfounded picture of dangers to our democracy that don’t exist. It sets up “us-and-them” divisions, and encourages people to fear vaccination and reject masking while COVID-19 cases, the real danger, rise.

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