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Thu, June 30

Letter | Bashing the Build Back Better Bill

The Progressive Socialist Democrat Party is friends of all those who think the world owes them a living and unlimited free stuff paid for by those of us who do work. It wants to change the USA forever.

Of course, now we will need even more immigrants, some of whom will work to take over for those who choose to live off of Uncle Sam.

Like LBJ’s great society, this, too, will waste trillions on government housing transforming suburbia into ghettos of government-created low-income housing that before long will be blighted and crime infested.

You progressives with your “holier than thou” attitudes and lofty expectations will once again see failure., forgetting that the best way to elevated someone out of poverty is to created opportunity and allow the free market to grow and create jobs.

It is estimated that with this new welfare handout the average family of four living in poverty will have available to them over $76,000 a year in benefits. Welcome to Venezuela.

William Ressegue


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